About the National Funeral Directors Association

The National Funeral Directors Association has been around for more than a century, working with funeral directors.

They are the world’s largest funeral service association, consequently serving thousands of members who represent thousands of funeral homes around the world.

Their aim is to ensure that the funeral homes registered with them keep current with funeral trends and bring value to customers.

Don’t Just Take Out any Funeral Policy – So Ensure National Funeral Directors Association Certification

National Funeral Directors AssociationIf you want to take out a funeral plan, make sure the funeral home is a member of the National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA). And membership of the NFDA is open to all funeral directors and those in the funeral profession.

The role of the NFDA, a voluntary association, is to encourage unification in the funeral industry. They support all beliefs and cultures and ensure all those in the funeral industry conform to ethical standards.

The NFDA serves all South Africans as well as SADEC countries. Some of their roles are:

  • To make sure that all people working in the funeral profession are well educated and trained so as to maintain high professional standards
  • Ensure that all members comply with legal requirements of the funeral industry
  • Interact with authorities to ensure good legislation for the profession

The National Funeral Directors Association Is Here For You

The role of the NFDA is to act in the interests of everyone who requires their services. They want to ensure that the deceased and their families receive care and respect.

A big issue people have with funeral homes is the high costs they charge. So one of the roles of the NFDA is to see that member funeral homes charge reasonable rates for their services and products.

You can choose different kinds of membership when you join the NFDA –

  • Limited membership – for a funeral concern without a mortuary and also for any funeral enterprise which doesn’t fulfil all the requirements for full membership
  • Full membership – for a fully operational funeral concern with branches. Typical examples of this are Doves and AVBOB. Total members are registered with the Department of Home Affairs, and have all licenses and permits in place and have a mortuary with refrigeration
  • Affiliate membership – this is for each branch of a full member
  • Associate membership – for those within the area of operation of the NFDA who aren’t performing the role of a funeral director; and
  • Honorary membership – for those who deliver exemplary services


There are many benefits for a funeral home to belong to the NFDA. South Africans who have bought a policy from a funeral home which belongs to the NFDA benefit from reputable services too.

Some of the many advantages of belonging to the NFDA –

  • Funeral homes are up to date and informed about funeral expo’s and conferences by way of newsletters and SMSs.
  • Networking with other funeral directors on a national and international level
  • Ongoing help and support 24/7
  • On-line learning courses, teleconferences and webinars
  • A certificate of membership as well as signs for display purposes
  • Plus Customers like seeing that a funeral home is compliant

Compensation for Life and Death With the National Funeral Directors Association

The National Funeral Director’s Association (NFDA) is a non-profit organisation made up of individuals, groups and companies. They have a vested interest in ensuring that all members get the most out of life, but that death and funerals have their compensations too.

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