AVBOB Funeral Services in South Africa

AVBOB Funeral Services are there for you when you pass away as the last thing you would like is for your loved ones to struggle with financial difficulties.

Battling to find money for a decent funeral puts the brakes on the standard grieving process, which is an important part of healing after death.

It makes it imperative to have a Funeral Plan in place, allowing a caring company to protect your family, without the added stress of an expensive funeral service and burial.

AVBOB funeral services plan ahead for you in every possible way backed by 100 years of serviceĀ –

Funeral services and a good funeral plan are meant to complement each other. So these services combined should make the planning and provision of the funeral a whole lot easier.

AVBOB has become a one-stop funeral shop, also offering a host of services which cover every single AVBOB Funeralaspect of your funeral needs.

  • AVBOB will arrange for the deceased to be transported from the place of death to the funeral home, or state mortuary if the death is unnatural.
  • AVBOB will arrange for the family doctor to issue the death certificate, then will also arrange the for the body’s removal to the funeral house or mortuary.
  • Arrangements for the funeral service will be made at the funeral house unless the client requests a representative to come to the comfort of your home to plan the funeral.
  • Advice and assistance in organising the funeral and providing a host of services.

More points to consider –

  • Will it be a burial, cremation or a graveside service?
  • Help with arranging the date, time, and venue of the memorial.
  • Arranging for a minister or humanist, depending on your culture and beliefs.
  • Preparation of the body. Will there be a family viewing?
  • Organising those who will carry the funeral, namely the pall bearers.
  • Arranging flowers for the coffin and venue.
  • Assistance in placing notices in the newspaper.
  • Order of service, namely pamphlets and the correct choice of words.
  • Assistance with donations to charities instead of flowers.
  • Help and guidance with knowing what to do with the ashes.


Other optional services include –

  • Suggestions for a memorial book for friends and family to sign.
  • The use of AVBOB’s chapels.
  • Transportation to and from the funeral.
  • Catering after the service.
  • Additional chairs, and in some cases tents or marquees.
  • Grave and cremation fees.
  • Ongoing compassionate and professional service at all times.


AVBOB Funeral Services come with years of experience behind them

When it comes to funerals, definitely you want the best and the best value too.

But how can you tell which is the best? Well, you can put the funeral services provider to the test and discover the service that millions have already learned.

AVBOB has had overĀ 100 years to build up and establish strong relationships with their members.

AVBOB funeral services have lots of experience on their side. Consequently, they have a host of funeral services to take advantage of; you can be sure that they will handle your loved one’s funeral with compassion and integrity.

You will be able to relax, knowing that AVBOB is taking care of even the finest details, and everything is in good hands. Their service allows you to take a back seat while you grieve in peace and quiet, while AVBOB Funeral Services take the reins.

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