The times they are a-changing’. The traditional way of funerals and burying the dead has changed. Today people have access to many different options on how to lay themselves and their loved ones to rest. One of the more modern ways of a send-off is a direct cremation or direct burial.

John Lennon, one of the Fab Four opted for a direct cremation. With a direct burial, you will still need to invest in a cemetery plot, but there are other typical services you can omit.

With a direct burial, the body is buried soon after death occurs. There is no embalming so as to preserve the body. There is also no formal funeral service. But this is what people want. They are most attractive to people with little money.

Save Lots of Money with a Direct Burial

One of the primary reasons people choose direct burial is that it keeps them from spending a lot of Direct Burialmoney. On the other hand, some people regard it as ridiculous to spend a lot of money on something the deceased will never know about in any case.

Direct burial costs will always vary from city to city as well as the funeral home you choose. Direct burial typically includes:

  • The funeral home fee
  • Transporting the body along with a basic coffin
  • Other costs include buying a cemetery plot
  • Some people opt to have a graveside service

You always have to check and make sure with a direct burial. Because while it may be your wish to do away with embalming, local laws may require embalming. Embalming laws are often there because of health and safety reasons.

A direct burial or cremation means that the body of the deceased doesn’t have a funeral ceremony. Certainly, when compared with a conventional funeral it’s wonderfully cheap and therefore becoming more popular. People opt for direct burial because even though they have plenty of money, they simply don’t see the point of parting with it. It could mean they don’t have the money.

Traditional Funerals Way Too Expensive

Religious and cultural traditions influence burial arrangements. And personal preferences, as well as costs, come into it. Traditional funerals – those which include a formal funeral service, a viewing, a hearse and burial – are much too expensive for ordinary South Africans.

Apart from the funeral home’s fees, there are those other costs such as the plot, embalming services, transportation and much more.

Low in Services, but Packed with Attraction

With a direct burial, no viewing is involved, and nothing much else is included. The only things required are the funeral home’s basic fees, transportation of the body, the cost of a very basic coffin and the burial plot.

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