Old Mutual Single Adult Funeral Plan

There are truly some outstanding funeral plans available for people to avail themselves of in South Africa. Old Mutual is a leading insurance company if you want to narrow your options down to one of the top companies. And they have a great single adult funeral plan.

Single Adult Funeral Plan – Know what You’re Getting

Some plans pay only for a coffin and transport to the funeral home. Many people are confused and disappointed that their hard earned money only afforded them this. But you need to remember that a basic funeral in South Africa can cost anything from around R7000. Start adding in the extras and that R7000 can quickly amount to R20 000 or R30 000. Naturally, you want the best at the cheapest rates, but you probably also want some extra benefits thrown in as well, which is where Old Mutual comes in. They are a provider of long standing.

Single Adult Funeral Plan


Single Adult Funeral Plan – What It Offers

  • Care Plan where you pay R31 a month and get a pay-out of R50 000.
  • Standard Plan where you pay R38 a month and get a pay-out of R70 000.
  • Comprehensive Plus Plan where you pay R39 a month and get a pay-out of R70 000.

Many people wonder what happens when you do not have a family, and you are a single adult. What then? Fortunately, Old Mutual has something appealing for this group as well. It is called The Standard- and Comprehensive+ Plan. This plan comes with a Terminal Illness and Cash Back benefits which come into effect after you have been paying premiums for three years.

The Old Mutual Single Adult Funeral Plan will allow you:

  • As a single parent to cover you and your dependent children without the need to pay for a spouse that you don’t have.
  • This plan will allow you to select the cover that you need for your very specific and unique needs.
  • The more cover you take out, the less it costs you. As a single adult under the Single Adult Benefit, you can expect to receive — a grocery benefit – provides payment for 12 months for grocery expenses
    – an education benefit – provides payment for 12 months for education expenses
    – a more cover benefit – you get 10% more cover when you buy the Standard Plan or   Comprehensive+ Plan at no extra cost, and you already have R50 000 cover or more.


Single Adult Funeral Plan – More Going for You

As a funeral plan policy holder, you will also be able to access More4U. These are value-adds which come in addition to the insurance policy benefits and won’t cost you anything extra. For instance, More4U will offer you with assistance, support and treatment when you are basically in need after a loved one has passed away. Other benefits with More4U are a medical response service, trauma, HIV support and assault support, as well as legal wellness, etc.


Old Mutual has realised that it is their clients who form the heart of their business. They know that it is unfair that someone who is single should have to pay the same rates as a person who is married. They look out for all their customers – individuals, families and extended family. And that’s what is still making Old Mutual the leaders they are in great insurance products.

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