AVBOB Cashback Lifestyle Details

AVBOB cashback lifestyle details have thought ahead on your behalf because have you considered what would happen if you suddenly lost your monthly income?

What if you get sick, have an accident and became disabled? Have you considered who will look after your family if you die?

By investing a little each month in an insurance policy, your family get taken care of if you die.

AVBOB cashback Lifestyle details take the Worry out of the Future

What you do today will ultimately govern your family members’ future. Anyone above 18 years old can get cover, as well as peace of mind.

The earlier you start contributing, the better, AVBOB believes that now is as good a time as any to start. The AVBOB cashback lifestyle details provide whole life cover for people up to age 80.

Most other life insurance companies will not accept people over age 65. What’s more, premiums begin at as little as R100/month.

The Cashback Lifestyle Benefit

Avbob cashback lifestyle detailsThe benefit pays back 20% of all your premiums after every five years. Not only are you investing for your future, but you get to reap the rewards while you are still alive too. This does not include cash back for instalments made towards your savings plan.

Disability and Dreaded-diseases cover

If you fall critically ill and become disabled, the Cashback Lifestyle Benefit pays out as much as R500 000.

Life Cover

In the unfortunate event of your death, your family receives as much as R500 000.

The Policy Overview

If you die or become disabled, and as long as you haven’t claimed in the first six months of your policy, the Cashback Lifestyle Benefit will pay out.

The percentage paid out depends on the length of time that you have had your policy:

6 months or less – 0%

6 – 12 months – 25%

12 – 18 months – 50%

18 – 24 months – 75%

24 months + – 100%

Waiting periods

The waiting period only begins once you have paid your first instalment, not when you apply for the policy; however, if death is accidental, then there is no waiting period at all.

How are Claims paid?

  • The Funeral Accelerator

On receipt of the necessary documents, the beneficiary receives 10% of your life cover, within 48 hours.

  • The Lump Sum Benefit

70% of the death benefit is paid out on finalisation of the claim.

  • The Survivor Benefit

5% of the insured amount is paid to the stated beneficiary for four months.

Extra Benefits

As well as the above, there are extra benefits available to members up to 60 years old on entry. These benefits expire when members are 65 years old.

  • The Disability Benefit

You decide whether you want this benefit to be equal to the insured amount or 50% of the insured amount. If you become disabled through an accident, 100% of the cover will be paid out.

  • The Core Critical Illness Benefit

As above, you decide whether the amount will be equal to the insured amount, or 50% of the insured amount.

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