How to Claim from a Funeral Plan from Sanlam

The whole idea of a funeral plan is to spare your family from having to take on the cost of your funeral. With a funeral plan, the insurer pays the costs of your funeral. It makes a huge difference to your peace of mind when you know your family will be able to claim from a funeral plan when you die.

South Africans trust Sanlam with their insurance because they know they’re not going to be losing any money. The mere fact that they were established in 1918 and are still going strong speaks volumes. It speaks of reliability and professionalism. Sanlam is an award-winning company, and they operate with integrity and also conform to a code of practice.

Claim from a Funeral Plan

You will notice that with a funeral plan in South Africa, every provider provides information on their web pages on how to claim for a funeral. On these pages, you’ll discover how the insured can make a

How to Claim from a Funeral Plan

claim on their policy. Once you submit a claim, you’ll be provided with your claims consultant who will guide you through the entire process and also help you with any queries you may have.

There’s Help Available

Sanlam has Client Care Offices scattered throughout the country, and they offer assistance with policy questions, help with claims as well as financial advice. Sanlam offices are open Monday to Friday, from 08:00 to 17:00. Their contact numbers are –

  • Service – 0860 726 526 or +27 21 916-5000. You can also email them on
  • Advice – 0860 726 526 or + 27 21 916 5000
  • Head Office – Bellville, Western Cape. Tel: 021 947 9111

When you put in a funeral plan claim with Sanlam, you’ll have to submit certain documents. With the right documents, Sanlam will pay out within 48 hours after receiving the claim. All benefits are payable to the policy owner.
It doesn’t help to submit ONE of these document – they ALL need to be submitted if you want to claim

Documents Needed When You Claim from a Funeral Plan

  • A certified copy of the deceased’s as well as the beneficiaries ID document
  • A completed claim form
  • A certified copy of the death certificate
  • Depending on the nature of the claim, you may have to submit medical reports also.
  • For those people who had retirement provision with death benefits, Sanlam may require the last will of the client. If there wasn’t a Will, Sanlam would need an affidavit stating this. Sanlam might also need to see a marriage certificate, and if there were previous marriages, they might require the divorce documents or death certificates.
  • Sanlam might need additional forms. You can always call Sanlam if you are unsure what forms to hand in and what benefits the client had

Sanlam has made it easy for you to know how to claim. On their website under funeral claims, they provide links to allow you to get all the information you need to ensure a successful claim.

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