Some time or other, you’ll be faced with the prospect of planning a funeral for a family member. Possibly you will have to face transporting the dead from one location to another.

If you’ve never done it before, you’ll find it a time of sadness and turmoil. Certainly, it will be a time of turmoil if you never bothered with funeral insurance and you don’t have the money to plan for a funeral. When death occurs, there will be many things that need to be taken care of and planned for such as:

  • Sorting our the medical and death certificates
  • Registering the death
  • Transporting the dead
  • Planning the funeral

In South Africa, when someone dies, it isn’t just a case of planning a funeral, but the transportation

Transporting the Dead in South Africa

part can become an enormous issue. The fact is significant when the deceased died in a country outside of South Africa. You will have to contact a funeral director to collect the deceased from the place of death.


Transporting the Dead – Many People Die in South Africa Looking for Greener Pastures

Many citizens in Africa move away from their country and come to seek their fortunes in South Africa. They don’t think about waht could happen to them. For instance, they could die. Many people die in South Africa just for being a foreigner in the first place.

Dealing with the death on its own is a traumatic experience. How will you cope when you need to arrange to move the deceased from South Africa to another country, or you need to move the dead body from an area in Gauteng to an area in the Eastern Cape? Getting a loved one back to their country- or province of origin can be a dilemma.

Transporting the Dead is a Costly Business

You can sometimes arrange domestic transportation, but transporting to and from another country can work out to be expensive. Because there is that additional paperwork that can contribute to the costs of transporting a body.

Some funeral homes in South Africa offer comprehensive funeral services. It is always a wise move to research these funeral homes and choose people who are reliable, trustworthy and reputable. Tough Times Transport is like that – they offer a full funeral service, and when you’re at wit’s end, they will co-ordinate everything.

  • They have tremendous knowledge and expertise.
  • They will guarantee the safe transportation of your loved one at a reasonable price.
  • The price they charge their customers for the dignified transportation of the deceased includes the collection and removal of the dead.
  • They will do embalming if you require this service.
  • They do the arrangement of the death certificate and cross-border documentation and much more.
  • Tough Times Transport has all the know-how to rope in the services of the funeral home at the burial place. They make sure that the other funeral home will handle the collection of the deceased and manage the ongoing funeral arrangements.


Always deal with an Established Funeral Home

When you decide to work with a well-established funeral, you can have peace of mind. There is a lot to a funeral that many people never consider. But Tough Times Transport has skill and experience. They tackle all the arrangements and also ensure the correct preparation for transportation.

In fact, they handle all that frustrating bureaucracy, liaising with the foreign country or with the different province to ensure a seamless transportation process. Even if the costs of transporting the body of the deceased appear to be too expensive, they can even help you to consider a cremation at the place of death. The cremated remains can then be transported back home at a much more reduced cost.

Funeral insurance is always a good thing to have, and when you research on what Tough TimesTransport offers, you’ll be glad that you’ve selected a professional team who guarantee that death needn’t be something that overwhelms you into immobilisation.

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