Goodall & Williams and Doves Group

For over 130 years, Goodall & Williams and Doves Group has been one of the leading providers of funeral services in South Africa.

With a stated mission to deliver their service in such a way as to be a celebration of life to clients, stakeholders and employees, Doves Group is now one of Southern Africa’s largest funerary companies, as well as a leading player in the development of the field.


Doves Group currently has over 160 branches across all nine provinces. They are continually expanding both its network and its services. Doves Group is now able to assist its valued clients with:

  • Funerary services
  • Memorials of all kinds
  • Repatriation of remains
  • Embalming
  • Cremation, as well as the safe, respectful handling of the ashes
  • Funeral insurance
  • Arrangements for home funerals
  • The proper care of the deceased

goodall & williams

With shared values of trust and honesty, compassionate service, respect and innovation, Doves Group is striving to become the leading brand in funeral services, serving all communities across South Africa. Its constant innovation is influencing the contemporary structure of the funerary industry in this country.

Historical Development

In 1883, Doves Funeral Services was established in Durban as a provider of funeral-related services. They immediately began to deliver quality and compassionate assistance to its clients.

In 1959, Doves Group was born when Homes Trust Funeral Services acquired such industry-respected funerary companies as Doves, Goodall & Williams, Jones & Rice and Doves & Adlam Reid. Homes Trust Funeral Services expanded further during the 1970’s with the acquisition of SAFFAS, the South African Federation of Funeral Assurance Societies.

Further changes occurred in 1989 when Metropolitan Life sold the group to senior management, who renamed it HT Group. In 1993 HT Group started HTG Life, its insurance company, which subsequently became Union Life.

Moving into the 21st century, the name Doves Group was adopted in 2004. NIC later gained 100% shareholder control of Doves Group with the assistance of Brevity Trade 12 (360 FSG).

As a result of the presence of Union Life, Doves Group is now an authorised FSP. They offer funeral insurance in addition to its other services.

In conclusion:

Throughout its history, Doves Group has been an industry leader in innovation and service. A founding member of the National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA), Doves Group, is also a member of the South African Funeral Practitioner’s Association (SAFPA) as well as the Funeral Federation of South Africa (FFSA).

With a history that stretches over 13 decades of dedicated, professional and compassionate service, Doves Group is truly one of the industry leaders of funeral providers in South Africa.


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