Doves Funeral Policy Information

A Doves funeral policy available at Doves branches around South Africa. It is amazing that, with some plans starting at just R30 a month, you get so much.

There is a joining fee of R50 with their different policy variations. No medical tests are required. You can nominate close as well as extended family members to the Doves Funeral Policy.

In the case of natural death, there is a waiting period of 6 months and for people over the age of 65, the holding period extends to 9 months.

A Great Doves Funeral Policy

The Doves Life Plan is one of their full funeral policies. And with this policy, you will be paying R215 a month. The Doves Burial Service Plan is also a complete funeral package from R100 per Doves Funeral Policy Informationmonth. This funeral policy will provide the following –

  • Payout R5000 cash immediately and also provide you with a stylish R15 000 casket
  • Two family cars for use within a 50km radius
  • Refreshments and water
  • Transportation of the deceased within South Africa and neighbouring countries
  • 100 Standard funeral programmes
  • Registration of death

The Doves All Nations Burial Plan is very similar to the Doves Burial Service Plan, but the premium is from R265 per month, and the policy covers 12 people.

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Doves Funeral Policy Benefits

  • embalming service
  • repatriation services – transportation of human remains from the place of death to the burial place
  • Doves can assist you with informing people of your loved one’s death by placing a funeral notice in your local newspaper and even going as far as helping you with the wording
  • Doves will show care and professionalism at all times and respect your unique wishes
  • if you’re not sure of whether you want a burial or cremation, then the funeral arranging officer of Doves will guide you and help you make the best choice. If you so desire, Doves can also arrange to have your family witness your cremation and offer assistance with the scattering of ashes
  • Doves will assist you with the choice of a headstone, material choice and wording on it.
  • Doves can also help with grave removals and reburials

With a Doves Funeral Policy there is no inconvenience of going into a Doves branch to fill in complicated forms. So a funeral policy from Doves offers easy registration on your phone or online, which takes a minute or two, allowing a consultant to call you back.

A Popular and Reliable Choice

People choose a Doves funeral policy because they offer a large branch network as well as a coffin and casket supply throughout the country. Their policies are also designed to cater for South Africans from all walks of the life including the extended family. With qualified and professional personnel and with claims processing within 48 hours, a Doves Funeral Policy is something worth getting close to, as they listen carefully to South Africans and respond with a rich source of affordable products and services.

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All info was correct at time of publishing