Assupol – Offering Reliable Group Funeral Plans

Prosperity Life offers a range of effective and affordable group funeral plans from Assupol. This is for the convenience and peace of mind of its clients.

group funeral plans from Assupol

Group Funeral Plans from Assupol

A forward-thinking group of businesspeople from the Transkei founded Prosperity Life in the early 1950’s.  It was the first completely black-owned provider of insurance to be registered by the Financial Services Board in South Africa.

Their goal at the time was the provision of quality insurance catering to the requirements of black people, while at the same time generating capital, which could be of use for the development of local businesses as well as community development.

Also, Assupol Life Ltd acquired Prosperity Life in 2012. In conclusion, Assupol Life Ltd continues to provide members with the same quality services under the Prosperity Life brand.

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