Prosperity Life Insurance Lets You Prosper

For the first time ever, South Africa boasts its first black-owned life insurance company, called Prosperity Life Insurance. Prosperity started way back in 1951 by a group of business people from the Transkei. They offered affordable insurance solutions to help black people by creating capital for community upliftment as well as business development.

In 2004, Assupol Life Insurance took over Prosperity. Today it is one of the leading providers when it comes to funeral insurance for those in the lower income markets, and it also offer something else extraordinary – funeral cover for over 75 year olds as well as those over 65 and even over 80!

Prosperity Life Insurance – What you get in funeral Products

Prosperity Life InsuranceThere is a family funeral plan called The Excellence Family Funeral Plan. This provides cover for your entire family. This will include cover for your –

  • children
  • spouse
  • parents
  • other members of the family who are dependent on you for financial support

Many older folk fret. They think they are too old to get funeral cover. However, funeral cover isn’t just available for the over 65s and the over 75s. Funeral cover for over 80 is also available. Funeral cover for over 65-, 75- and 85 isn’t automatically available with all funeral plan providers. When the main member passes away, there will be a cash pay-out. There are also Cash-Back Benefits available as an additional option. You just need to select which option suits your needs the most.

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  • With the Excellence Family Funeral Plan you will find included Assupol On-Call benefits. These include guaranteed hospital admittance, tutor and financial advice lines and transport for the deceased. Should the main member pass away by means of accidental death, or any of the other assured lives, they will receive a lump sum.
  • Prosperity Life Insurance has an optional benefit known as Family Income, which includes a monthly payment which works out to be 10% of the principal member’s Funeral Benefit. One Life pays this on the death of the main member for up to 6 months. When the main member dies, the Funeral Benefit as well as the benefit for Accidental Death will extend in order to cover up to a maximum time of 5 years.


Amazing Life Products from Prosperity Life

There are amazing life products offered by Prosperity Life Insurance, all designed to offer you protection again critical illness, disability and death. Products include plans such as the Progress Legacy Plan. This plan is designed for your risk protection needs, with premiums increasing to incorporate important life events.

The Progress Legacy Plan is designed around your risk protection needs and the option exists for voluntary premium increases of up to 20% per annum. This is in order to incorporate significant life events. The Progress Accident Plan offers cover for you should you suffer physical impairment or death by accident. The Progress 4Sure Plan provides insurance against dread diseases and disability. The Zimele Products range is designed especially to provide accessible products for those in the lower-income bracket.

Prosperity Life Insurance – An Amazing Offer

With so much on offer at Prosperity Life, people can’t believe that there are funeral policies that offer all this and that they still provide funeral cover for over 75-, funeral cover for over 65- and amazingly funeral cover for over 80 year olds.

It is all but impossible to find a company that will accept such aged clients because with advancing age, the mortality rate increases. Prosperity Life is this one company and you can call them on 011 760 1416.

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All info was correct at time of publishing