Trauma Counselling in South Africa

South Africa is a land of trauma, from the person, you dread in your office and their intimidation tactics to witnessing a murder. Many people need Trauma Counselling.

In South Africa too, one of the harshest realities is that children also see predators who manage to coerce them into sordid relationships. Some people even have to face the trauma of having their identity stolen. Criminals get their hands on your personal information, your ID number and you remain totally unaware of this till debt collectors come knocking on your door or your receive a summons.


Trauma CounsellingOther traumatic events are –

  • Hi-jacking at gunpoint – more traumatic when small children are in the vehicle
  • domestic violence
  • alcoholism and drug addiction
  • sexual perversions
  • rape
  • death in a violent way… and much more


There are many South Africans whose very foundations have been shaken because of the trauma they’ve had to endure. So LifeLine counsellors have their hands full helping people to overcome these situations so that they can move on with their life.

On Call Around the Clock, Trauma Counselling

In South Africa, many of us are under such stress that our bodies are in a state of high anxiety. If your stress levels have reached the point of being debilitating for you, it is time to get help. Lifeline provides confidential counselling services 24/7. It started in Australia in 1963, and the association was brought to Cape Town in 1968. Today they have a  network of centres around South Africa.

LifeLine Johannesburg, for instance, started in 1969 and they are affiliated to LifeLine Southern Africa as well as LifeLine International. Lifeline gets you through life and can save you a lot of despair and heartache. They are there to listen to you night and day throughout the entire year. Also, they’re available on the phone or face to face, and the best part they don’t charge a cent. Their experienced lay counsellors are are standing by to assist you.
Lifeline also provides community-based projects to help young people make wise choices in their lives, and they also offer training if you’d like to offer to counsel to people yourself.

Some Traumatic Events South Africans Deal With

Many people refuse to get help. So weeks and months can go by after a traumatic event, and the feelings don’t fade, they intensify. Everyone requires some form of trauma counselling after a terrible event so that they can work through the feelings they are experiencing. Qualified,  registered counsellors can help you. They recognise the potential dangers of not getting help –

  • Mood swings
  • forgetfulness
  • constant insomnia
  • recurring nightmares
  • loss of appetite
  • depression
  • becoming reclusive


You may have had big plans for the future, but now after a traumatic event, your life lies shattered at your feet. Also, one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself after such an event is to get counselling immediately.

So the compassionate counsellors at Lifeline will help you bring closure to a terrible event and to open the door to new beginnings.

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