How to Contact Lifeline

Kidnappings, murders, political blackmail, rape, robberies – all of these crimes have mushroomed into what is almost an industry in this country. LifeLine can help.

South Africans have trauma because the very people who cause such trauma seem to walk free –  seem to disappear, frustrating victims even further. This psychological trauma damages the mind – the result of an overwhelming amount of stress that is just far too much for one to cope with.

Without help and counselling, severe, long-term negative consequences can result.

Immediate Counselling is Required

LifelineSo if someone close to you has experienced a traumatic event, you may yourself be traumatised just witnessing them being so affected. Also, these traumatic events are never to be taken lightly – it isn’t  something to put out of your mind, as it will never go away.

Seek help. LifeLine’s mission is to achieve emotional health in individuals, to promote healing and peace from a crisis. So they offer confidential counselling services to all members of the community who are experiencing an emotional crisis.

They are a non-profit organisation providing free, 24-hour support via telephone but also face-to-face.

Many countries have Lifeline Centres, of which South Africa is one. They also have lifeline centres across the country, receiving thousands of calls throughout the year.

Phones, Whatsapp’s, Skype, Face-to-Face

How to contact Lifeline will require calling any one of the many Lifeline Centres around South Africa. For instance, Johannesburg Lifeline has a dedicated WhatsApp Counselling Line. This line is aimed at individuals with drug-related abuse and alcoholism problems. The number is 074 901 2427. Most of the Lifeline Centres have a Facebook page too as well as a Skype address. So Johannesburg’s skype address is lifeline.johannesburg. They don’t however, offer to counsel on facebook.

Services are provided to everyone – regardless of race or religion, from support groups to trauma debriefing, face to face counselling by appointment, rape counselling as well as awareness programmes.

So we give you contact details of some of the centres –


Crisis: (+27 31) 312-2323
Office: (+27 31) 303-1344

Free State

Crisis: (+27) 72 068 8159
Office: (+27 57) 357-2746 / 2225

Garden Route

Office: (+27 44) 343-2769
Crisis: 0861-322-322


Office: (+27 13) 755-2635
Crisis: (+27 13) 755-3606


Dobsonville Crisis – 011 988 1155


Office: (+27 11) 728-1331
Crisis: (+27 11) 728-1347

LifeLine Southern Africa

LifeLine Southern Africa offers a 24-hour crisis intervention service. Some of their contact details include –

National advice line – 0861-322-322
National Aids helpline: 0800-012-322
Stop Gender Violence helpline – 0800-150-150

Counselling services can be reached in many different ways –  email, telephone, fax or Skype. Face to face counselling is always the most sought after way to receive treatment, even though email and telephone counselling also offer excellent support and confidentiality.

Also, all of the ways that Lifeline offers for you to contact them are convenient and from the comfort of your home. That is particularly useful for those who are disabled or housebound.

So don’t wait. If you are also the victim of a traumatic event, the longer you wait, the more difficult it becomes to put everything behind you and to usher in a new day and new beginnings.


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All info was correct at time of publishing