Individual Funeral Plan from 1Life

It is certainly a devastating event for you and your family members when a loved one passes away and even more so when the person is the breadwinner. For these reasons, it is important for you to plan ahead and decide to invest in a funeral policy. You will be ensuring that when you die, those that you leave behind won’t suffer the financial burden of paying for what can be very high funeral costs. Investing in a funeral policy is a very smart move, more so in South Africa. There are multiple policies to consider. One which you don’t want to pass over is the Individual Funeral Plan from 1Life.


Such great Benefits with an Individual Funeral Plan

Individual Funeral Plan1Life offers you even more than just the funeral cover – it caters for you and your loved ones in the form of grocery benefits too. That is useful, as when you’re sad and grieving, you don’t give groceries and food a second thought.

Up to five children under the ages of 21 are safe, and even ten other family members as well. Should one of your family members die, you could receive money up to R100 000 within 48 hours. That will depend though on the type of plan you take out and providing all the documentation is up to date and in order.

TLC while you are grieving

One comforting thing about 1Life Funeral Plan is that you don’t have to fill out a whole lot of paperwork or go through tedious medical examinations. You just simply add the people you want to your policy. Let us examine briefly what all is provided under this valuable 1Life funeral cover –

  • When you choose your plan and cover, the cover can vary from between R5000 right up to R100 000. That will depend on the plan you choose
  • you can expect your claim to be paid out in as short a time as 24  hours. That will only be if 1Life has all your claim forms
  • when you join 1Life you are safe immediately. It’s for accidental death.
  • the cover will offer you an extra R1000 a month over the following six months to help with groceries and other necessities
  • you will get a memorial benefit. It’s valued at up to R5000 so that you can purchase a headstone when there is an unveiling anniversary. It applies to members who are over the age of 14.


Do it! Individual Funeral Plan

It makes sense to investigate a funeral policy such as the one from 1Life. It’s cost-effective and user-friendly product.

You can pay for your funeral policy by way of a debit order because this will ensure your payments are always on time.

1Life realises you shouldn’t shouldn’t have to spend your hard earned cash on family members when they pass away. Get going with 1Life and you can know that you and your loved ones will be afforded the honourable send-off that they deserve one day.

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