Individual Funeral Plans from Liberty Life

These days, when a funeral can cost between R7 000 and R40 000, it has almost become a necessity to have a funeral plan in place for when you die. So individual Funeral Plans from Liberty Life is something to consider.

For you as an individual, it should give you great peace of mind knowing that when you’re gone, your family will not have to borrow or get into debt. And this will be because you have provided for a good send-off for yourself.

The emotional stress that your death causes are enough for your loved ones to bear at this time –  Consider a funeral plan from Liberty Life to give both you and them peace of mind.

Individual Funeral Plans

Individual Funeral PlansSo  Liberty has three Individual Funeral Plans that you, as an individual can consider –

  • A Burial Plan
  • A Standard Funeral Plan
  • A Comprehensive Funeral Plan


Burial Plan

  • This plan pays out a lump sum of up to R30 000, for the funeral and expenses.
  • Monthly premiums are from as little as R43.
  • The lump sum is paid out within 48 hours of them receiving all required documentation.
  • No medical examination is necessary.
  • Proof of identification is necessary.
  • Add-on Benefit –
  • 24 hour Funeral Assist is available at an extra cost.


Standard Funeral Plan

  • The cover for you on this plan can be up to R75 000.
  • Monthly premiums start at R50
  • Also, you may skip one monthly premium a year, without having to forfeit your cover.
  • Every five years you will get five months of premiums back.
  • No medical tests are necessary.
  • Add-on Benefits –
  •  24 hour Funeral Assist
  • Education Benefit
  • Tombstone Benefit


Comprehensive Funeral Plan

  • This plan covers the cost of your funeral, giving you up to R100 000 cover.
  • If an accident causes your death, twice the value of your cover will be paid out.
  • After the age of 65, you will be able to keep your cover, without having to pay any more monthly premiums.
  • Also, transport of the body from the place of death to the scene of the funeral will be provided if the distance away is more than 100kms.
  • Add-on Benefits –
  • 24 hour Funeral Assist
  • Education Benefit
  • Tombstone Benefit
  • No medical examination is necessary.


Add-on Benefits:

  • Funeral Assist
  • A helpline for assisting with legal matters, as well as the drawing up of a will.
  • Accidental exposure to HIV and trauma helpline.
  • Emergency ambulance transport.
  • Also, transportation will be available for family members to attend your funeral if it is more than 50km from your home.
  • 15% discount on a tombstone is available if bought from participating funeral parlours.
  • R250 airtime voucher to use for arranging the funeral.
  • R250 prepaid electricity voucher for the first three months after the funeral.
  • You will get up to R300 in grocery coupons.
  • A new Legal Benefit is available up to R50,000.
  • Also, education Benefit
  • Tombstone Benefit
  • That gives a payout of up to R20,000 within  12 months of your death.


Liberty Life was founded in 1957. Their Logo-flame represents freedom and opportunity, taken from the Statue of Liberty.

They also operate in 16 countries across Africa.

Bearing this in mind, you know you can have complete piece of mind taking out a funeral policy from a reputable company such as Liberty Life for Individual Funeral Plans.


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