Hollard is a Leading Funeral Insurance Specialist

Hollard funeral insurance specialist cover is available to South African citizens or foreigners with permanent residence in the country. To join, one has to be between 18 and 75 years old and have a bank account. The death of a family member is often sudden and results in a lot of pressure financially and emotionally. Funeral cover from Hollard is a safety net against such pressures. In the event of the death of a family member. Hollard pays out a gross amount of cash in the first 48 hours of the death occurring on receipt of all relevant documents and a valid claim. Hollard is a leading funeral insurance specialist.

Medical Examinations

Hollard does not require medical examinations to issue out a quote. Funeral cover is from R10000 to R75000 depending on one’s needs. Accidental death cover kicks in immediately on receipt of the first premium. The benefit amount, as well as the premium, are increased by 7% yearly adjusted for the anticipated rise in funeral costs

Add a Partner

Funeral Insurance SpecialistHollard also offers an option to add a partner. Children under the age of 21 and parents or the partners’ parents for an increment in the premium. The spouse is safe for up to R75000. Under the family funeral benefit, up to 5 kids can be covered for a maximum of R20000.  Five more children can join this policy for a small premium per child. Parents to be included in the policy cannot be older than 75 years old. And are covered to a maximum of R20000. The insurance policy comes with rental of an Avis car for three days for the arranging of the funeral of the insured person.

Hollard – Funeral Insurance Specialist Benefits

In addition to these innate benefits, a policyholder may elect to add some other benefits for a fee. The monthly provider benefit is for costs of a monthly nature that one’s family would still have to continue paying for after the passing of the policyholder. The policy, therefore, pays the family R2000 every month for a year towards these costs after the death of the policyholder. Another useful benefit that one can add is the Memorial benefit which pays a maximum of R10000 toward the ceremony for unveiling the tombstone. Life cover pays a figure not exceeding R120000 on the principal member or their spouse’s death. One can also add a benefit for death or disability due to an accident.

Another option is to change the rental vehicle type to a higher model or extend the lease duration also for a monthly fee. A kind of hospital cash plan is also an optional extra, as is the benefit to get Moneyback of premiums. It works out to 20% of 5 years’ worth of premiums paid. Extra family including nephews, nieces, grown up children and cousins can also join the rider benefit at an extra cost.

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