Hollard Cover Benefits

The Hollard cover plan will ensure that your family is taken care of in the event of your death.

The importance of knowing the different benefits offered by various funeral plans is essential. Otherwise, you cannot make the right choice for the well-being of your family.

Here are some of the Hollard cover plan features –

Key benefits of the Hollard cover plan

Hollard coverWith a Hollard funeral cover plan, you will have access to a quick payout. Once the right documentation is received, there will be a payout within 48 hours which enables you to plan the funeral and cover immediate costs.

The cover is available for you and your spouse for up to R50 000 each depending on the type of funeral plan you choose.

You can also get coverage of up to R20 000 for each of your children. The maximum number of children you can cover is five however if you have more than five children an additional fee is payable.

There is also a parent’s benefit that will allow you to cover your parents and parents-in-law. When they die, you will get an amount of R20 000 for each parent.

Vehicle access benefits

With the Hollard funeral plan, you will also get car-hire benefits.

Provided you or a member of your family has a valid drivers licence this benefit will include the use of a vehicle for six days, with unlimited mileage.

You will also get the first tank of petrol free.

There is no deposit required to get the car, and it need not be only the primary member who has access to the vehicle.

Other benefits of the Hollard cover plan

With a Hollard funeral cover plan, you get more than just the standard funeral cover. As the central member, you will also have access to the Hospital benefit.

If you land in the hospital, this benefit gives you an amount of R750 for each day that you stay there for a maximum of 180 days. You get the money after three days in the hospital.

You also get cover for accidental death or natural death. You will get accident disability if you happen to be in an accident, and can’t work anymore.

As you can see a Hollard cover plan not only gives you great benefits. The company also gives you benefits you can use when you need it most. That’s what we call “coverage.”

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