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The Success Funeral Plan Broker brand was founded in 1973. It owes its success to putting client needs first. The group consists of financial planners who assist their clients in obtaining the best insurance for their needs. Whether it be Life Insurance, Short term insurance or Medical Insurance. Liberty Life Insurance underwrites the funeral plan which is for members between the ages of 18 to 59. One does not need to undergo

One does not need to undergo a medical examination to join the policy. The benefits of being of the Success Funeral plan are that one receives trauma counselling. They provide a service to repatriate the deceased policy holder. Success Funeral Plan BrokerOn the scheme, Success Group organises emergency evacuation via Netcare911. Legal assistance to the policy holder’s family is provided where needed about the policy holder’s passing. A premium waiver is for when a death occurs, or due to retrenchment of the breadwinning

A premium waiver is also provided when a death occurs. Or due to retrenchment of the breadwinning policyholder or if they become disabled. It means that for a monthly fee, should a life event like death, retrenchment or disability occur to the policyholder, their family will still be insured without them paying the monthly premium.

Success Funeral Plan Broker

The Success Funeral plan is a part of their Life Assurance bouquet which also includes options for life cover, dread disease cover, disability cover with a lump sum pay-out, Salary protection, education policies and business assurance policies. The education systems are useful to couples starting a family ad would like to ensure a better life for their children. The Success Group uses the Discovery Education protector policy for this option. Parents can choose for the policy to pay when either or both of them dies or becomes disabled or very ill. All school

Success funeral plan broker uses the Discovery Education protector policy for this option.Parents can choose for the policy to pay when either or both of them dies or becomes disabled or very ill. All school fees and school material such as textbooks and or accommodation at school will be paid for until the child beneficiary turns 24. The business assurance policies help when a partner or key stakeholder dies, falls ill or leaves the business concern. This policy pays a lump-sum to the company for this particular loss. The

The policyholder can protect themselves from loss of income due to their death (in which case their family receives a pay-out), disability or retrenchment. They continue to receive a set income replacement for a stipulated period. For the disability benefit, Success Group is not bound to any insurance provider and will advise as per individual circumstances. This benefit usually pays out a lump-sum should the policy holder become disabled.

Success Group

For this cover, Success group also looks at a few insurance providers. The life cover choices that Success Group recommends aim to ensure that the policy holder’s family continues to lead the same standard of life after their client has passed on. Their policy options usually also cover any debts that the holder had unpaid on time of passing.

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