Doves is a Leading Funeral Provider in South Africa

Doves’ Funeral Cover products for the clients’ exact needs precisely. The insurer was in the industry for long, starting in 1883. And has long-standing relationships with service providers that enable it to keep designing products that suit different markets and new clientele requirements. The products currently provide cover from R5000 to R50000. The product types are, All Nations plus, Life Plan, Funeral Policy, Funeral Plan and Doves All Nations. Doves is a leading funeral provider.

Doves Group provides complete hustle-free dignified funerals with the following services within its product offerings. Services about the arranging of the burial event, including any cultural or religious requests; funeral cover, memorial services, repatriation of remains within South Africa and to select neighbouring countries which are Mozambique, Lesotho, Swaziland and Botswana; cremation; embalming and home funeral services. They can also put in death and funeral notifications in local and national newspapers, as well as registration of the death.

Payments – Leading Funeral Provider

Leading Funeral ProviderThe Doves All Nations cover starts at a premium of R225 and cover is for a family of up to 12 members with cover peaking at R19000. A waiting period of 6 months applied to joiners 65 years old or younger. While new members older than 65 have a nine month waiting period. The waiting period is due to that Doves does not do a medical examination on joining. The less premium plan types are the Doves Funeral Plan. Which starts at R80 a month and the Doves Funeral Policy which starts at R30 a month.

The more premium plans are the Doves All Nations Plus and the Doves Life Plan. The Life Plan provides cover of up to R50 500. Whereas the All Nations Plus plan covers up to 12 members for R30 500. The more basic funeral plans are the Burial service plan and the All Nations Burial plan. For a R100 a month on the Burial Service plan, a policyholder gets an immediate cash payout of R5000 on submission of a claim. A R15000 casket, Dove assists with the registration of the death and provides two family cars for use at the funeral. And transportation of the remains within South Africa as well as 100 programmes for the funeral. The All Nations Burial Plan has all the same benefits but covers a family of up to 12 members.

Group Scheme – Leading Funeral Provider

The Doves Group also has a group scheme option. The group has to have a minimum of 10 people though each member of the group has a policy in their name. It can be for members who have a common interest such as a church group or a stokvel. Or it can be a compulsory group, for example, a company enlists all its employees. The group scheme is backed by Union Life and Dove Group.

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