Discovery Insurance Funeral Cover

Losing a loved one is the last thing on our minds. Death, unfortunately, is something you can’t avoid. We will all experience the passing of those we hold dear. Our passing is unavoidable, as well. In this article, we will look at Discovery insurance funeral cover.

Some of us live long lives, but that is not a predictable situation.

Life has many choices that will aid us in the prolonging of our lives.

It, however, can never prevent the inevitable.

Discovery Insurance Funeral CoverIn the event of dealing with the passing of someone you love will overwhelm you.

Inside we battle the heartbreak, and on the outside, we have to take care of giving a proper burial.

After their passing, we get one last chance to say a final goodbye, which will be the first step towards dealing with our grief.

The period of planning a burial service is challenging as your heart aches.

A proper burial costs a lot of money.

It’s where the provision of funeral coverage lifts of a great weight from your shoulders.


Discovery Insurance Funeral Cover

Discovery is an insurance company that has invest their time and resources into developing a funeral policy that will support you.

They were established in 1992.

Their funeral insurance policy’s advantages will assist you greatly.

Some of these comprise of:

  • Insurance for the main policyholder;
  • Cover for their partner(s), which include more than one and can insure three partners on one policy;
  • Cover for their kids, which count in five offspring;
  • South African citizens can receive coverage that ranges between R10 000 for the minimum, and R60 000 for the maximum.


Details needed

The more intricate details of the advantages you will be provided with when taking out a Discovery insurance funeral cover policy, go beyond those that have just been mentioned.

These include the following:

  • If any of the members on your policy should pass away due to an accident, the coverage will provide a twofold reimbursement.
  • After submitting the required documentation, the claim will be processed and pay you in a day.
  • If you should pass away and leave your partner and kids behind, they will have the needed burial cover supplied for a year.
  • In the case of the household provider passing away, or the alternative partner, there will be aid available for the kids’ further educational advancement.
  • There is an option, which will give you the funds for the service held in memory of the one that passed away.
  • Also, the unfortunate passing of a newborn baby is heartbreaking. The policy will assist you by making a one-time payment to you. This offer takes into account the possible passing of a baby at birth.
  • The policy will also aid you with the essential funding – onetime– to buy groceries, to feed the people that visit for the duration of the funeral planning and even after that.
  • You can receive yearly cash back, after the first year.


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