Discovery Life Funeral Plans

Every person has parallels to those around them. We all need certain things that will be relatable to another. There are, however, aspects that are unique to your lifestyle. Here we will have a look at Discovery life funeral plans.

In the case of our money, we might want to invest it, but our areas of investment will range.

For some taking out an insurance coverage on their lives are more important than cover for their cars.

The thought of funeral coverage may not be something that many even take into consideration.

Discovery Life Funeral PlansIt can cause you to end up with more stress, during a time of loss, especially those that are unforeseen.

Maybe you are looking into getting a policy that will provide coverage for funerals?

There are many companies and plans to choose from.

You have to make a decision that will benefit you and those you love.


Discovery Life Funeral Plans

Discovery is one of the top insurers that offer coverage for burials.

Within their burial cover, they give you the opportunity to select the options that suit you best.

The Discovery life funeral plans policy will be including the following:

  • The maximum coverage of R60 000
  • The opportunity to receive a percentage of your monthly instalments back, during the second year of paying for your policy.
  • The processing of your claim in less than a day, with the required payout, included.


The great news, about taking out this cover, is that the previously mentioned inclusions are not the only advantages there is.


What Discovery has to offer

There are even more that the Discovery has to offer.

The cover they provide comprise of more additional advantages, which are:

  • In the unfortunate event of your passing, there will still be a year’s coverage for your partner and kids.
    • Even after you are gone, they will be provided for, because of you paying your monthly premiums consistently.


  • The passing of an infant will automatically be covered.
    • This is for babies that pass away at birth or are younger than 12 weeks.
    • A once off payment will be provided.


  • If your passing, or that of your partner, is due to a car accident your cover offers a twofold amount as compensation.
    • That means that your loved ones will receive twice as much as the normal payments.


  • The claim will be processed in less than a day.
    • After submitting all the necessary documents, you will be funded in no more than a day.


  • Financial support for needed food supplies.
    • A onetime amount will be provided for you.
    • To buy the necessary sustenance your family will need throughout and after the burial service.


  • Once off payment for memorial service.
    • This is in aid of you and your partner.


  • Financial aid for kids’ education.
    • A onetime amount paid out, due to either parent’s passing.


  • The cash back option.
    • Get a proportion of your monthly payments back, in the course of your policy’s subsequent year.


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