Funeral Documentation from the Department of Home Affairs in South Africa

South Africa’s list of documents, for death incidents, can be requested from any Home Affairs office. For you to know and understand what you need in either of these instances, you can call them, visit them directly or check out their website. The following article, however, will also provide you with the necessary information regarding funeral documentation.


The registration of a Death – Funeral Documentation

Funeral DocumentationYou cannot keep any particulars of the birth or death of someone to yourself.

Also, you have a responsibility to submit clear details relating to either of these instances.



The law requires you to report the passing of a person to one of the following:

  • The Home Affairs agency nearest to you.
    • There will be personnel to assist you in this matter.


  • The Police Department (SAPS).
    • In the case of there not being a Home Affair’s branch in your closest vicinity.


  • The country’s (South Africa) embassy.
    • It regards those that have passed away in a different country than South Africa.


  • A funeral home.
    • The choice of a funeral home should be an accepted and selected one that submits their business by that of the law.


Submit the BI1663 form upon its completion.

It is the mandatory notice after the passing of someone, including the passing of a baby at birth.

The form contains various areas that you must complete.

These entail a selection of different individuals to fill out their indicated area.

It will comprise of:

  • The individual who reports the event of death.
  • A doctor or health care specialist who either treated the deceased or did a post-mortem on the body.
    • It is vital to know what caused the person’s death – whether it was an illness, accident, suicide or a homicide.


The dispensing of a BI1680 form will take place after the registering of the deceased’s passing.

That is a report of the death.

It can only be administered by an official that is approved by Home Affairs.

It comprises of the funeral home personnel, police department officials and the health care specialists.

You will get the official certification of death after processing the notice and report thereof.

Report any mistaken or fake death certification immediately.


The passing of South African national in another country

Report the event of death at that country’s SA embassy.

The nation-state where the passing happened needs to dispense the documentation of death.

So in the case of getting the body back to our country (SA), for burial, the embassy will help in making such preparations.

Here they will aid with the funeral documentation, as well as, the transport back home.


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