What are Funeral Cover Quotes?

South African are getting into serious debt by not having funeral plans in place. And yet a funeral plan is such a great product. Read our top 20 answers to the question: what are funeral cover quotes?

It’so easy to get and affordable as well.

Your insurance company will pay out a lump sum in 48 hours if you have a good funeral plan.

Read the following top 20 FAQ and then save yourself a fortune by saving up for a cheap funeral plan. Just complete the form and click the button to submit.

What Are Funeral Cover Quotes



What are funeral cover quotes?

Question and Answers

Are funeral plan quotes free of charge

Must I accept a funeral plan quote?
No. There is no obligation

Why have funeral cover?
To spare your family financial stress

Is funeral cover affordable?
Yes, very much so

How much does a funeral plan cost?
From R49 per month

Do funeral homes supply funeral plans?

Can a plan cover the whole family?
Yes. Extended family too

Does funeral cover include a tombstone?

Does a funeral plan include a coffin or casket?

Do funeral plans include cremation?

Are there many suppliers of funeral plans?
Yes, several in South Africa

What are a funeral plans?
A type of short-term insurance

Can people of any age get funeral cover?
No, so start young

Is funeral cover the same as life insurance?
No. Funeral plan covers funeral costs only

Which is the best funeral plan?
One from a major insurer

Can non-South Africans have a funeral plan?
Yes, if they live and work in SA

Does a funeral plan cover cremation or burial?

After a claim does the cover remain?

Name a couple of major suppliers
Assupol, Hollard and Kaizer Chiefs

Where can I get a funera cover quote?
Complete and submit the form on this page


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