What To Do With Human Ashes

Oakleigh Funeral Homes can assist with collecting the ashes from the crematorium and then carrying out the family disposal wishes. Here we look at what to do with human ashes.

Overseas Transport – What To Do With Human Ashes

If the family wishes, Oakleigh can arrange with the necessary authorities for the ashes to be sealed in an urn and transported overseas if required.

What To Do With Human AshesAshes Disposal – Oakleigh Assistance

There are several options available that Oakleigh homes can assist in arranging for the family.

  • Local crematorium /church -You can bury or scatter the ashes at a local crematorium/ church.
  • Permanent memorial site -Ashes can be placed in an urn and then stored in a permanent memorial at the crematorium. You can get a plaque with any words the family would like as remembrance.
  • Buried in an existing family plot.
  • Home storage -Families often decide to have the ashes placed in an urn and stored at home. Sometimes this is a good idea until you make a final decision can or until family members who could not be present at the time of death can visit.
  • Scattering -Oakleigh can make arrangements, to work with families arranging the scattering in a place that had a particular meaning. You can scatter the ashes at the sea, over mountains, rivers, and many other places. Oakleigh can help with checking the adhere local regulations.
  • Natural -You should note that scattering of ashes is natural and no visible trace remains as they breakdown as part of the earth very quickly.


Ashes Disposal – Alternative Ideas For Families

There are many other unique ideas that families can consider when disposing or storing human ashes.

  • Plant the ashes with a tree as a living memory.
  • Place the ashes in a helium balloon. You can write messages on the balloon. When launched in the air the balloon floats up and then around 8kms high it will burst to scatter the ashes.
  • You can place the ashes in a piece of jewellery. A popular one is a small phial which you can seal and put on a chain to wear around the neck giving a feeling of closeness.
  • Some companies will incorporate ashes into a glass blown ornament or wind chime. Whenever the wind chimes sound, it gives a reminder of the loved one.
  • You can mix the ashes with paint that to paint a picture of the person.
  • It is also becoming popular to request that a tattoo artist mixes some of the ashes with ink to tattoo a remembrance on a person’s body.
  • There have also been instances of ashes being sent into space /incorporated into fireworks for displays and even made into lead pencils.


So the purpose of the above is to mention that the disposal of the ashes is a very personal thing. Also, Oakleigh Funeral Directors are always willing to work with families to create a meaningful and personal grief ritual. Hopefully, now you have an idea on what to do with human ashes


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