Find a Funeral Plan for Your Family

You can find family funeral plans just about anywhere on the internet. In fact finding them is not the issue. Finding what you need for your family is the main decision.

From there, your search will be a lot easier. Some points you must decide on before asking for quotes.

  • You need to look for a registered financial service provider, and there are several options available in South Africa.
  • Determine what benefits are most important to you.
  • You must have a budget in mind that you can afford as the prices range dramatically.
  • Alternatively, you can see a broker for advice.

A cost that often gets overlooked until the last is the funeral itself. With a decent funeral costing from R7000 and up, it makes sense to take out a funeral plan.

Even if the estate has enough money, you may not be able to access it until the estate has been wound up. Funerals require cash now!

Find family Funeral plans and Choosing a plan

Find family Funeral plans

There are many different plans out there – each offering their benefits and price points. You need to look at plans that give you what you want,  regarding your family. In this instance, family means your extended family, if you are responsible for burying them, and your immediate family as well.

Funeral plans Are not that Expensive

Funeral plans start at under R50 per month. The cover normally includes your children and partner for that one premium, so this is not an expensive cover to take out at all.

Funeral plans are Simple

There are usually no medical check-ups needed, and the claims procedure is also quite simple. You need to provide proof of death, ID for the beneficiary and proof of the beneficiary’s bank account.

As long as all the documents are in order, you can get the money out within two or three days.

While they called “funeral plans”, you are most likely to find that the money can be used to pay for whatever you like. Before allocating the money for other things, though, it is a good idea to find out what the funeral is going to cost.

Where to Get a Funeral plan?

There are some different companies that offer funeral plans. In fact, considering the range of plans and the number of companies to choose from, it can be confusing.

You can either elect to consult a financial planner in this regard or do the legwork yourself. If you decide to do things yourself, start with a well-established company who is a registered service provider.

The Old Mutual plan

To see what else you need to consider, let’s look at the funeral plan offered by Old Mutual.

  • The amount paid out ranges from R50 000 to R70 000 depending on which plan you choose.
  • Premiums start at R31 each and every month.
  • Use the money to pay for the funeral or to settle debt – whichever option is up to you.
  • You can choose to cover your partner, your children, and your extended family as well.
  • Old Mutual also offers a burial society support plan.
  • Claims are paid out in under 48 hours, as long as all the documents requested are present and in order.

To find family funeral plans is that easy, search the internet to get quotes, choose your policy, and you’re done.

All info was correct at time of publishing