Why should I have a Funeral Plan at all?

Why have a Funeral Plan at all people ask? Well, what happens if you or someone in your family dies. It’s not just the emotional upset that must be dealt with but also coming up with the money to pay for a decent funeral.

It might not be top of mind, but you need to plan for death as well. And a funeral policy may not seem like an essential expense. But how will you feel if you suddenly need to pay for a funeral? What if your family had to?

Why have a Funeral Plan? There are financial reasons why you should

  • Funerals can cost thousands of rand.
  • You won’t necessarily be able to access money from the estate to pay for it.
  • Your alternative is to borrow money or settle for a cheap burial.
  • You can use the payout for more than just funeral expenses.
  • Funeral plans offer peace of mind for a very small outlay.


Why have a Funeral PlanHow Funeral Plans protect Your family

Are you the sole income earner? If so, that means you cover all the expenses – from groceries, through to school fees and beyond.

What if something happened to you? That would mean that, in addition to mourning you, your family would have to find a way to pay for your funeral. This can mean additional stress and financial distress at a time when they do not need it at all.

And what if it was one of your family members who passed? Do you have a few thousand rand on hand to cover the cost of the funeral?

Will you need to borrow money or take up a collection amongst the relatives? A funeral plan takes care of the funeral expenses so that you can concentrate on grieving.

The advantages of Funeral cover

Getting insurance for yourself and other family members is quite simple. Funeral cover is inexpensive, and one policy will usually cover you and your immediate family. You can also add extra family members.

Because of the relatively small lump-sum payout of the policy, you normally don’t need to undergo medical tests. You have cover once the waiting period has expired.

Claims are usually a streamlined process with a basic application and the provision of supporting documents.

The policies do not specify how to use the payout. If you don’t need all the money for the funeral expenses, you can use the rest on whatever you like. The family can focus on the grieving process, without worrying about getting into debt.

Why have a Funeral Plan? It’s because you have People you Love.

The cost of living in South Africa is always increasing. So too is the cost of death. While you may have some money set aside for expenses, the actual cost of a funeral can quickly wipe out savings. Take into consideration the cost of hosting mourners and, where applicable, providing transport, and the costs start to become higher than you could imagine.

A funeral cover is one way to ensure that your family has the money that they need to honour you after death as they would like to. And, considering how inexpensive it is, this is peace of mind for a very low price.

All info was correct at time of publishing