Safrican a company that still cares for the well-being of the community.

The policy options from insurance firms are vast. However, there is one contact address you must have in your diary – that is the Safrican contact details.

Each firm offers their own set of policies, made up from their rules and benefits. And some of these firms have been around for a couple of decades, like Safrican, who have been here for over eighty years now.

Safrican contact Details are Vital to Have in Stressful times

Safrican was established in the year of 1932. The firm was started in Sophiatown, Johannesburg. At that time they provided the people with funeral facilities that helped them in the ceremonial burials of family members.

A firm deeply rooted in the communal way of life. They make sure that their clients have a variety of options to choose from. They offer cover to individual clients or in a broader sense, to a whole business. The client’s personal needs form the basis of their cover.

As a company, their aim is still based on giving burial help to the neighbouring areas. They also offer insured cover for houses, businesses, workplaces and all the needed appliances and equipment within its walls.

Safrican contact detailsSafrican contact Details around South Africa

If you are in need of making use of Safrican aid, you can find them in the major South African cities.

They have expanded their reach by branching out into the various cities around the country.

  • Cape Town
  • Bloemfontein
  • Port Elizabeth
  • Polokwane
  • Durban


You can Also contact them At their offices:

Cape Town

Floor 8, Strand Street No. 80, Cape Town. P.O. Box 4921, Cape Town, Code–8000. Telephone number 021-419 0090. Fax 021-421 0104.


Finbond’s Building, Floor 1, Elizabeth Street No. 6, Bloemfontein. P.O. Box 100962, Brandhof, Code–9324. Telephone number 051-430 1201. Fax 051-430 1206.

Port Elizabeth

Commercial Centre, Floor 1, Sidwell Commercial Road, Port Elizabeth. P.O. Box  35036, Newton Park, Code 6055. Telephone number 041-451 0823. Fax 041-451 0785.


Biccard’s Park, Suite Number 14, Biccard’s Street, Polokwane. P.O. Box 1021, Polokwane, Code 0700. Telephone number 015-291 3358. Fax 015-291 3336.


SADTU’s House, Floor 7, Anton Lembede Street No. 321, Durban. P.O. Box  5008, Durban, Code 4000. Telephone number 031-305 1800. Fax 031-304 3738


Heritage House, Bottom Floor, JabuNdlovuNo Street 222, Pietermaritzburg. Telephone number 033-345 5493. Fax 033-345 3863.

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