Yes, a bank can give you funeral cover too!

Have you thought about getting funeral cover from banks? South Africa has a number of financial firms that you can choose from. Some specialise in this area of service, while others offer a wider range of cover.

The areas that may interest you will not be as important to another. This is why it is vital for you to consider the following when deciding to invest.

  • Know what you are looking for in a company
  • Find out what services they offer
  • Decide which of their services meet your lifestyle best
  • Invest in the cover that suits you

Funeral cover from Banks offer A lot of Options

Funeral cover from BanksTheir cover policies are vast. You can insure almost every aspect of your life. This includes the opportunities to insure your:

  • Life
  • Car
  • Home and pets
  • Business
  • Health
  • Medical Gap


Here are Some of FNB options

One of their services includes cover for a funeral.

This cover has the following advantages:

  • The needed financial support after the death of the insured while planning the burial
  • Cover for yourself, partner and both their parents, your parents and your kids
  • The policy provides cover for eight kids and an additional eight family members
  • Your cover can extend from the minimum of R10 000 up to the max of R60 000
  • You can choose to provide each member in your household with a comprehensive life cover
  • R5 000 is provided for the policy owner to assist with the service in memory of the deceased
  • Your insurance policy can be adapted to fit your needs
  • The leading policyholder must be no younger than eighteen and not older than sixty-four


Their cover can be:

  • R10 000 at R42 per month
  • R20 000 at R58 per month
  • R60 000 at R105 per month


The partner’s monthly premium will be similar to theirs and kids can be covered from as young as a day to seventeen years old. The kids’ premium will not be exceeding that of the leading policyholder and will remain similar to them all.

Parents, from both sides of the family, will pay similar premiums and also not exceed that of the leading member. This counts for all additional family that does not form part of the main policyholders’ household.

Absa also Offers Funeral cover from Banks

Absa Funeral cover has many advantages that might interest you:

  • Insured members must be sixteen for the youngest and sixty-five for the oldest
  • Coverage for an additional eight members of your family
  • Your cover can extend from a minimum of R5 000up up to the max of R50 000
  • You have a say in the yearly instalments and also the rise on your policy
  • If the leading policyholder accidentally passes away, the funds will be paid out twofold
  • Financial cover for your entire family, as well as additional family members
  • Short-term cover between six and twelve-month periods


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