All you need to know about filling in the online quote form.

No one likes filling in forms, but in order to get insurance online, you need to tell us who you are and what you want. So here’s some Funeral insurance form help to make it easier.

Funeral cover is vital in order to avoid financial stress in a difficult time.

  • The truth is that you simply cannot be without funeral cover.
  • Complete all the details and get the cover you need.
  • We’ll go through it together step by step.
  • A moment of your time and you’re done.


Funeral cover is something that we all need to consider. This is not insurance “in case” something happens to you or a family member. Every single one of us will die at some point. Hopefully, this will be after a long life, but this isn’t always the case.

A funeral policy will take the financial burden off those left behind, allowing them to have the kind of send-off that they feel appropriate without needing to worry about how they are going to pay for it.

Funeral insurance Form help That helps you Get the Cover you Need quickly

Funeral insurance Form helpRead through the form. If there is something on there that we do not cover and you want to check on, call the call centre at 011-778 8000.

The first section of the form is for Office Use Only so skip to the next section.

Policyholder details

  • Fill in your title, i.e. Mr, Mrs, Dr, etc. and surname. In the next line down, complete your first names and ID number. The names must match what is in your ID book.
  • Fill in your date of birth, again as it is in your ID book. If you do not have a passport number for the next field, write N/A. (This means Not Applicable.)
  • Your nationality is the country that issued your passport.
  • Next, complete your address details. If your residential address and postal address are the same, you can indicate this by writing “as above” where it says, “Postal Address”.
  • Choose the province you live in and complete your contact details as required.

Partners details

  • Those who are married must provide the full names, ID number, and Date of Birth for your spouse. These must match what is on their ID.
  • Should you not be married, draw a line through the section and write N/A.

Children’s details

  • Provide the full names, ID number, and Date of Birth and relationship for your children. These must match what is on their ID or birth certificate.

Extended family members

  • Provide the full names, ID number, Date of Birth and relationship for your extended family members. These must match what is on their ID or birth certificate. In addition, you will need to add the amount you want to cover each of them for – This can be determined by looking further down the page under Section H – Extended Family Choices.
  • Check on the site what the added premium for each would be but if you are not sure, you can leave the premium section blank or call the call centre for assistance.
  • You may cover a maximum of 10 extended family members on one plan.

And for the Rest of the Form

For everything else, you just need to read through section by section and select the options in terms of the cover that you want.

The principal member will have to sign and date the form and then complete the debit order authority. If someone else’s account is being used here, they will also have to sign and date the form.

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