Should I get a Funeral Plan from an Insurance Agent?

Should I get a funeral plan from an Insurance Agent? Wherever you decide to get a policy the important thing is to get a policy now!

  • You need to have a funeral plan, no matter who is providing it.
  • You can do everything online if you like.
  • Funeral plans are very easy to understand.
  • Talking to an agent can help clear up questions you may have.
  • A good idea is to do your research online and then finalise everything with an agent.


Not everyone thinks about having a funeral plan. They also don’t think about the problems of not having a funeral plan.

My grandfather always said, “They can bury me in a cheap pine box.” When his time came though, that was not what we wanted to do as a family. And, to be honest, we had to go for a low-key affair because no-one planned ahead.

Funerals of any kind cost a fair bit of money. Even a simple cremation will set you back a few thousand Rands. It’s not something that most people can afford very easily, especially with an unexpected death.

We will explain what you need to know about choosing the right funeral plan. We also talk about what you need to do before speaking to the insurance agent to close the sale.

Should I get a funeral plan? Let’s start With the Amount of Cover you Need

Should I get a funeral plan? Work out how much you think your funeral is likely to cost by taking these points into consideration:

  • What will you need to pay to have the coffin and body transported?  (Even if you are being cremated, you need a coffin)
  • The cost of the burial or cremation?
  • Buying a tombstone and erecting it?
  • How many mourners will attend?
  • How much will it cost to feed them?
  • Do you have to provide transport for them?
  • Will you have to pay to use the church or hall? etc.
  • The cost of chair hire, marquees, staff etc.

As you can see, the expenses mount up a lot faster than you might realise.

Do You Need Funeral Insurance?

Will you or your family have access to the amount that you estimated above? What happens if your bank accounts are frozen – something that is legally required when the death is reported? If you have life insurance, how quickly will it pay out?

Remember, funeral insurance is geared at one thing – paying for a funeral when it is needed. The policy pays out within 48 hours of a valid claim being received.

Get quotes

Now you need to start looking around for quotes. This is easiest to do online. In fact, we have made it even easier for you. All you need to do is to provide some details to us via the form on this page and we will get a range of quotes for you.

We do the running around and you get quotes from South Africa’s best insurers. Compare them in the comfort of your own home.

If you don’t like what you see, that’s the end of it. These quotes are completely free and place no obligation on you at all.

All you have to do is to check the quotes and see if there is a policy that does meet your final needs and budget.

Should I get a funeral plan? Yes, get a FREE quote here.



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