Valuable information for prospective funeral policy investors.

The following list consists of firms that provide the ten best funeral plans in South Africa.

Therefore, you can now make an informed decision when deciding to buy a policy. There is no excuse for putting off the decision any longer.

The ten best Funeral plans in South Africa at Your service


They are the leading provider in South Africa and a legend among other insurers. Their cover stretches between R10 000 for the min. and an estimated R75 000 max.

The plans take into account your parents, kids, and partner and even goes beyond your own household, by including other family members.

The age of eighteen is the youngest and seventy five is the oldest that can apply. Plus, there are no health related exams required.

A short overview of their policy includes:

  • Regular benefactor.
  • Dedicated subsidy.
  • Lifetime insurance subsidy.
  • Car subsidy.
  • Single accidental cover.
  • Cash payback.


Ten best funeral plans in South AfricaAvbob

Another very well-known funeral insurer that’s been around awhile.

Some of their features:

  • Over 150 branches nationwide.
  • Available to call 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.
  • Provides various plans to choose from.
  • Assists you with other chores like the death certificate.



They provide a variety of choices:

  • Extensive Funeral cover.
  • Burial Cover.
  • Household Funeral Policy.
  • Parents Funeral Cover.
  • Normal Funeral cover.

Their policy supplies an amount to take care of burial costs which can add up at an alarming rate.



The company has existed since 1913 and they are an accredited money facility. Paying a claim in less than 2 days started with this company.

The two funeral options they provide are:

  • Quality Household Cover.
  • Complete Benefit Cover.



The company has existed since 1883 and are foremost among the major South African funeral firms.

The facilities they provide:

  • Entombment.
  • Cremation process.
  • Returning the deceased to their country of birth.
  • Preserving the body.
  • A home-based burial service.


Kaizer Chiefs

Eighteen is the youngest age and seventy-five is the oldest that can be insured. Their cover is between the minimum of R5 000 and R50 000 max.

They have a couple of advantages you can gain from, like their benefit that gives you an estimated R1 200 on a monthly basis.



Another company has been around a long time, since 1890 actually.

Their features include:

  • R50 000 coverage at R36 monthly.
  • Offices all over the country.
  • Financial aid in the form of a money pay-out.
  • Claims processed in less than 2 days.


Old Mutual

Depending on the funeral cover you choose, you can receive as much as R70 000. They will insure you, your household and even members of your family not living with you.



Another leading firm in the financial sector. At R80 per month, you can insure your household. Their plans offer you deals that suit you best.



Very reliable, this insurer offers the most affordable policies. One plan can insure over 12 family members. Depending on the policy, your claim can be processed in less than a day.


With the ten best funeral plans in South Africa at your fingertips, there’s no more putting off the decision. You never know what tomorrow will bring and then it’s too late.

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