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Find Safrican contact details here. The day will come when you might need this caring, community-based insurer.

You are bound to find a plan among the many options they offer.

Safrican has been here for over eighty years and was established in 1932 in Johannesburg, Sophiatown. Starting with providing funeral facilities for the community they then moved on to assist them with ceremonial burials of family members.

They ensure that their clients have a variety of options to choose from either as a solo entity or a whole business. The client’s personal needs form the basis of their cover agreement.

As a company, their foundation is still based on supplying the burial assistance to their neighbouring areas. They also offer cover for houses, businesses, workplaces and all the contents within its walls.

If you need to use Safrican’s aid, you can find them in six major South African cities. Cape Town, Bloemfontein, Port Elizabeth, Polokwane, Durban and Pietermaritzburg.

Find Safrican contact Details and Keep them Handy

Find Safrican contact detailsCape Town

Floor 8, Strand Street, No. 80. PO Box: 4921, Code–8000. Telephone: 021-419 0090. Fax: 021-421 0104.


Finbond Building, Floor 1, No 6 Elizabeth Street. PO Box: 100962, Brandhof, Code 9324. Telephone: 051-430 1201. Fax: 051-430 1206.

Port Elizabeth

Commercial Centre, Floor 1, Sidwell Commercial Road. PO Box: 35036, Newton Park, Code 6055. Telephone: 041-451 0823. Fax: 041-451 0785.


Biccard’s Park, Suite Number 14, Biccard’s Street. PO Box: 1021, Code 0700. Telephone: 015-291 3358. Fax: 015-291 3336.


SADTU House, Floor 7, Anton Lembede Street, No. 321. PO Box 5008, Code 4000. Telephone: 031-305 1800. Fax: 031-304 3738.


Heritage House, Bottom Floor, Jabu Ndlovu Street, No. 222. Telephone: 033-345 5493. Fax: 033-345 3863.

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