What To Say at a Funeral?

What are some short tips about what to say at a funeral?

  • Say something that is short and simple to the grieving family
  • If you’re delivering a eulogy, prepare for it and keep it short too
  • Speak about the person’s good points as well as some of their harmless irritations
  • A eulogy isn’t the time to bring out nasty details that you know might shock the family
  • Talk a lot to the family – they will be sitting in the front rows – look at them and address them personally


Simplicity is best. The best thing to say at a funeral is to express your condolences in the simplest way possible. Approach the grieving family and say something like ‘so sorry about your loss’. It will be enough for them – they’ll know you’re there because you care.

It also makes sense to keep your condolences short and simple. Grieving people have got too much on their minds to process a lot of information.

Your Presence ‘Speaks’ Volumes

A simple ‘my deepest sympathy’ or ‘so sorry about your loss’ will more than suffice. It lets the grieving family see that you took the time to acknowledge them at their sad time. They will have been through this experience themselves and will know that just your presence at the funeral ‘speaks volumes’. It shows them your support.

A Eulogy Becomes a Little Bit More Difficult – What To Say

What To SayExpressing sympathy is easy enough, but it can get a little bit more taxing when you’re asked to say something about the deceased funeral during the funeral service.

Eulogizing someone can’t be easy if the person was particularly close to you. You want to talk strongly without falling apart. Here again, simplicity and shortness will be appreciated, especially if you are battling with keeping your emotions under control.

There’s nothing wrong with jotting down a few important aspects you want to mention to refer to during your little speech. This will prevent you from rambling.

Certainly preparing for the speech will put you at ease. Knowing what to say is a matter of preparation and planning. If you’re out of ideas, there are quite a few eulogy ideas on the Internet to guide you on what to say. The secret is to keep your speech crisp, relevant and short so that you hold everyone’s interest from beginning to end.

Yes, you may well have quite a few memories which you feel you can speak about without preparation, but you know how it is, you can go ‘blank’. One or two notes to refer to will ‘prompt’ you on how to continue.

A Video or Slides can Enhance your Speech – What To Say

Describe the departed, focus on some of their exceptional qualities and even some of their quirks and irritations. Referring to- and preparing to show a short video during the speech can add inspiration and interest, especially if it’s a recollection of some fun times with the deceased.

Do the right thing and keep your speech light-hearted and positive and you’ll be able to bring it to a conclusion and know with full confidence that you ‘did a good job’.

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