What are Grave Markers?

Grave markers are the following in particular:

  • They mark the place of burial
  • They provide some information on the person who has died
  • Grave markers represent the personality of the person buried there
  • Many people believe, by choosing a huge tombstone, it proves their feelings for the deceased person
  • For some people, a grave marker is viewed as a symbol of wealth


Long age tombstones were made of wood or iron, but these days granite and marble are popular choices.

If you do opt for popular granite, for instance, consumers have color choices beyond the usual gray or black. Today they can choose from an expanded selection of awesome color options.

If you choose to wander through a cemetery, you will notice that often a fresh gravesite will have a temporary wood marker on before the permanent one is erected. You’ll also notice as you wander around, that some grave markers have a flower vase built in. This is particularly useful to those who want to ensure that there are always fresh flowers at the grave. If this appeals to you, make sure your cemetery allows a vase before you settle on this particular option.

Most Cemeteries Regulate Grave-Marker Types

Grave MarkersYou don’t have free reign over the grave markers you choose. Most cemeteries regulate the type of headstones on their grounds. These cemetery rules and regulations stipulate the kinds of materials that can be used as well as the size of the headstone.

Fortunately, a reputable funeral director will know what type of headstone will meet the requirements of the particular cemetery. In spite of rules and regulations regarding grave markers, you’ve still got lots of choices.

You can choose different materials, colors, shape, lettering, and size, and whether you want an upright, flat or slanted marker.

A reputable funeral director will ensure their tombstones are of a high quality and that their tombstones suit adults and children. They understand too well the sensitive use of color, messages and other techniques, while still adhering to the wishes of their customers. You can choose a single- or double tombstone – there is a wide range of affordable gravestone options that can be as modern or traditional as you like.

The Rewards of Clever Craftsmanship – Grave Markers

Do research on grave markers. You’ll discover that in South Africa there are highly creative, artistic craftsmen who have years of experience. You will get a grave marker of excellence, even if you choose a budget grave marker.

Some craftsmen still hold onto old-fashioned methods to create these amazing stone tributes, while others use modern technology. Each one, in their own way, has the means to produce a gravestone that will capture the very spirit and characteristics of the departed one.

Memorials can be particularly fascinating simply because they celebrate the personality of the deceased.

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