A funeral plan from Sanlam lifts the burden of worry from you.

Sanlam is a trusted name in South Africa with products  that cater for all. Find Sanlam funeral plans that suit your lifestyle now!

What a Sanlam plan gives you –

  • No-nonsense, straightforward cover.
  • Good value for money.
  • Cover at the level that suits you.
  • Plans you can afford.
  • Simple to apply and easy claims process.

Find Sanlam funeral Plans for When the Unexpected happens

An unexpected death in the family can be a shock. There is so much to deal with that you don’t know where to start. However, to give your loved one a decent farewell can cost a lot.

With a funeral cover plan, Sanlam helps carry the cost. A funeral plan from Sanlam starts at R25 per month, which covers your whole family – both immediate and extended.

You choose the level of cover you want. Plus Sanlam does not make you fill out pages of forms or take physicals and blood tests. All you do is select the plan you want and list those you want to cover. Once they have your details you receive a personal quote.

You can choose from a range of benefits. Such as simple funeral cover, cash back, payment holidays or premium paid up benefits.

Find Sanlam funeral Plans and Their waiting Periods

In order to keep the costs as low as they can, Sanlam have a waiting period of a year before full cover takes effect. If you die accidentally during this period, your family are covered. However, if you die of natural causes during this period, you are not covered.

Find Sanlam funeral Plans that Cover you for Life

Accidental cover is almost immediate. Once you fill in the application and accept the quote, cover starts from the moment you pay your first premium. Sanlam collects your fees by debit order to make things easier  for you.

Find Sanlam funeral plansSanlam covers you for life. They adjust your premiums as you age. Some firms pay out a lump sum when you reach a certain age and that’s the end of that.

The cover is simple, you choose the level that suits you, with a cash benefit if you like. Or, if you want to save on your premiums, you can choose the very least amount of cover.

Claims are Easy

To claim, submit the required documents and the money is paid out within 48 hours. The money pays for all the funeral arrangements.

Sanlam is a trusted name in the insurance game. Their range of funeral products allows you to arrange a decent farewell for the deceased. With costs rising every day in this country, can you really afford not to have funeral cover?

A basic funeral service starts at around R10 000. Putting aside less than an R100 per month to insure your whole family makes good sense. You can choose to increase your policy at any stage. Pay what you can afford now and look at upgrading your cover later.

Get a funeral cover quote here and now!

All info was correct at time of publishing