Funeral Insurance from Hollard

Funeral insurance from Hollard plans offers cover from R10000 to R75000. They pay out quickly (within 48 hours of a valid claim) and allow bereaved family members to arrange a dignified funeral for their loved one

Benefits of Funeral Insurance from Hollard

The benefits of a Hollard funeral plan include the following:

  • A portion of premiums paid back (when either main member or spouse dies)
  • Up to R35000 paid towards each child’s university fees (applies if the policy has been active and paid for at least 36 months prior to main member’s death; Benefit is paid directly to the relevant institution)
  • 3 days Avis car hire with unlimited mileage
  • Accidental death covered immediately


Optional Benefits

Hollard’s plans include many optional benefits, such as:

  • Partner, children, parents & other blood relatives can be included
  • R2000 per month towards family expenses for 12 months after the main member dies
  • 20% cash back after every five years of paying all premiums
  • A contribution of R5000 or R10000 towards unveiling ceremony
  • Life cover lump sum up to R120000 when main member or partner dies
  • Cover up to R100000 for accidental death or if the main member becomes disabled



The following requirements apply when taking out a Hollard insurance policy:

  • Must be a South African citizen or permanent resident
  • Be aged between 18 and 75
  • Must have a bank account


Apply online for Funeral Insurance from Hollard

Funeral Insurance from HollardProspective members can visit and enter their details into the online quote engine to get an immediate quote for funeral cover.

This tool calculates cover based on age and affordability.

For example, an online search yielded the following information.

John is 45 and wants to apply for cover for himself, his wife, his son (who is 15) and his mother (who is 68). He has also elected to have a memorial benefit of R10000 towards paying for a tombstone.

His monthly premiums are calculated as follows:

Benefit                              Sum insured                        Amount

Main member                      R75 000                                 R213.12

Spouse                                   R75 000                                 R129.50

Child                                       R20 000                                 (included in above)

Mother                                   R20 000                                R125.00

Memorial benefit                  R10 000                                 R37.10

Monthly fee                                                                          R14.50

Vehicle access service                                                         R7.25

TOTAL PAYMENT                                                               R526.47

Information on Hollard Funeral cover

  • Funeral cover increases by 7% every year (premiums are also subject to increases)
  • Medical exams are not required
  • Family benefit covers up to 5 children (under 21 years old) for up to R20000 each. You can add extra at an additional cost per child.
  • Parents and partners parents can also be added (up to the age of 75) up to R20000 each.


To get a Funeral Cover quote, complete and submit the form on this page.

All info was correct at time of publishing