Get a Funeral Cover Quote From 1Life

1Life offers funeral cover to South African citizens, so get a funeral cover quote from 1Life. Its funeral cover includes the following benefits, subject to terms and conditions:

  • Get between R10 000 and R100 000 cover for the main member and between R5 000 and R100 000 cover per additional member
  • Members can elect to include a spouse, up to 5 children and up to 11 extended family members on a single policy
  • No increases in premiums for the first year
  • Claims paid out within 24 hours of successful completion
  • Burial repatriation (from anywhere in South Africa)
  • R5000 memorial benefit towards a tombstone (paid out a year after the successful claim)
  • R6000 grocery benefit (R1000 per month for up to six months) if the main member dies
  • Limited paperwork and no medical check (depending on the policy chosen)


The repatriation service allows for transportation of the deceased to anywhere in South Africa while following cultural requirements. A family member can travel with the deceased and their accommodation covered under the policy.

1Life will also assist with:

  • Legal questions regarding claim procedures
  • Advice on obtaining a death certificate
  • Referrals for reputable funeral parlors, pathologists, psychologists etc.


Funeral Cover Quote From 1Life

Premium Waiver

1Life offers a premium waiver for 24 months. This means that if the main member dies, the cover will continue for the other members on the policy for a further 24 months without paying any premiums.


Waiting Periods

Certain waiting periods apply after taking out cover, meaning the policy will only apply to this period of time. They can be summarised as follows:

  • Cover for accidental death is active immediately
  • In the case of natural death:
    • waiting period for a policy of R50000 or less is 6 months
    • waiting period for a policy of R50001 to R100000 is 12 months
    • also, waiting period for death by suicide is 24 months


Premium calculation

Premiums are calculated depending on the following factors:

  • age of applicant
  • value of cover
  • number of additional members included in the policy


Additional members

1Life allows for additional members to be as follows:

  • main member’s spouse
  • up to 5 children
  • 11 extended family members (can include 4 parents or parents-in-law)


The following conditions apply:

  • Main members and spouse must be between the ages of 18 and 65
  • Children must be under 21 (or under 25 if they are full-time students)
  • Parents must be under the age of 75
  • Other extended family members under the age of 65


Medical exam

1Life does not require a medical exam. However, there may be questions about health or lifestyle and some policies will require an HIV test.

Applying Online For a Funeral Cover Quote From 1Life

In order to get a funeral cover quote from 1Life, prospective members can visit the website and follow the steps to get a quote online.  Also, a valid South African identity number is required to complete the online form.

To get a funeral cover quote, complete the form on this page and click the submit button.

All info was correct at time of publishing