Family Funeral Cover from Liberty

When a loved one dies and you’re anguished and downcast, worrying about finances and how you’re going to lay your loved one to rest can be unbearable added woes. Just like with other insurance, funeral cover may seem like just another unnecessary expense, but come the time, it can protect you from a financial crisis. Here we will have a look at getting family funeral cover from Liberty.

Funerals don’t always cost the same and there are many funeral cover products you don’t actually need. Before you take out funeral cover, decide on the kind of funeral you want. Because a basic funeral can cost between R7 000 and R12 000 while a more lavish funeral can cost R30 000 to R50 000 and even much more.

Family Funeral Cover from Liberty – The Best Product at a Great Price

South Africa has many funeral cover providers who offer funeral cover to individuals and families.  Liberty is a financial services provider who is in business since 1957 already so they have plenty of experience.

Liberty has a range of funeral plans for you to choose from. And each one can provide your family with a dignified funeral. You can choose between their Burial Plan, Complete Funeral Plan, Extended Family Funeral Plan, Parent Funeral Plan and Standard Funeral Plan.

Their Extended Family Funeral Plan will cover the costs of a funeral in your extended family so that your family doesn’t have to worry about the expense of a funeral.

Family Funeral Cover from Liberty

  • Cover for Family Funeral Cover starts from as little as R37 a month.
  • This cover is for 4 extended family members. When you pay just R37 per month, the minimum cover is R5 000 and the maximum cover is R40 000.
  • They make a payout within 48 hours of receiving all the necessary documentation.
  • You get back 5 months’ worth of premiums every 5 years even if you claim.
  • There is no need for a medical examination Liberty to get funeral cover
  • You want to check out each of the plans mentioned above to see what they cost each month and what cover you can expect. For instance, with the full Funeral Plan, Liberty will cover the costs of a funeral for you, your spouse, your children as well as your parents and extended family. For the main member and spouse, it also pays out double for death by accident.


We all want to see our loved ones taken care of when they die. You don’t want to feel bitter and stressed because of lack of funds to ensure a decent send-off for a family member who has passed on.

Real Good Value from Liberty – Family Funeral Cover from Liberty

With a decent funeral plan from Liberty, your family will have the funds available to ensure they have a smooth, stress-free transition from this life to the next.


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