Getting Funeral Cover from Old Mutual

Life becomes so much easier when you’re organised and make plans. Making financial plans for the planning of your own funeral can be such a clever move. First of all, you get the exact kind of funeral you want, and secondly, you can spare your family having to bicker over what they want for your funeral. Here we will have a look at getting funeral cover from Old Mutual.

Some family members will want a burial for you while others will insist on cremation. Putting your plans down ahead of time for your future funeral is a responsible way to exit this life with no hard feelings from your family.

Old Mutual offers funeral cover. They are one of the biggest financial services provider in Southern Africa. They offer lots of useful products such as life and disability cover, insurance, financial advice, investments, funeral plans and loans.

Old Mutual tells us that they can provide funeral cover which comes minus waiting periods. Add to that the fact that you can get the full 30 days of cover before you’ve even paid your first premium.

There is no hidden agenda with Old Mutual and they pay what they promise to pay. It is quite mind-boggling when you consider that Old Mutual pays out roughly R1m in funeral insurance claims every hour.

Old Mutual offers policyholders a number of affordable funeral plans and each one come with some unique benefits. The idea is to look at these plans, to compare them and then make your choice.

We look at some other aspects of getting funeral cover from Old Mutual funeral that makes it so attractive –

Getting Funeral Cover from Old Mutual

  • Funeral cover starts at R31 a month
  • The more comprehensive plan is R43 a month
  • You get cover of R50 000 to R70 000
  • However, with the Greenlight Final Expenses Plan, you get a funeral policy which settles immediate debts with a payout of up to R100 000. This Greenlight offers life insurance benefits which include life, funeral, disability and severe illness cover. This cover is available to HIV positive customers too
  • All of Old Mutual’s Funeral Plans offer Accidental Death Cover
  • All their plans offer Money Back Guarantee, Premium Holiday and Restart Benefit. This Restart Benefit is for when your plan lapses for one or other reason. There are circumstances where it can start again. With the Premium Holiday benefit, it means you can miss up to 6 premiums during the life of the policy and your plan won’t lapse.
  • Two of the funeral cover plans from Old Mutual has a Terminal Illness Benefit. This Benefit pays out 50% of the cover that applies when the person insured is actually diagnosed with a terminal illness and is expected to die within 12 months. This applies to people who have had their policy longer than 10 years.


Consistently Offering good Services and Products – Getting Funeral Cover from Old Mutual

When you die, you want to have peace of mind that all the days of your life will end in s stylish, organised and affordable way. Trust Old Mutual – they’ve been providing excellent services for decades. For just a small amount of R31 a month, you can have total security that your funeral wishes will be adhered to. And that there won’t be any stress over where the money will come from to pay for your funeral.


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