Brilliant Funeral Insurance Taking South Africa by Storm

In South Africa there is a lack of knowledge around funeral policies. This in itself makes it that people don’t benefit from the best-value-for-money, brilliant funeral insurance there is.

And yet  funeral policies play an important role with anyone’s financial planning. Without a funeral plan in place, you may not find the money to organise a funeral for a loved one. Or how they will every find the money to organise a funeral for you.

Know the Source of Your Brilliant Funeral Insurance

Brilliant funeral insurance can be for you or your family members. It will ensure that the cost of a funeral doesn’t put you under terrible financial pressure when death comes. You have to be careful where you buy your funeral cover from. The provider has to be legit and registered. Even businesses in the informal funeral market must register with the Financial Services Board (FSB).

A funeral plan from a reputable provider will give your family a lump-sum cash payment when you Brilliant Funeral Insurancepass away – usually this is within 24 – 48 hours.

If you sign up with a non-registered provider, then don’t complain when you are done in and not treated in the right way.

Brilliant funeral insurance is affordable, and they come from providers who are subject to legislation. ClearPlan have developed solid professional relationships with their clients, advising on funeral insurance for individuals or families, and for every budget there is.

How a Brilliant Funeral Insurance Works

ClearPlan works with those people who are looking for guidance regarding complex financial challenges. No questions asked, no medical exams, no red tape – just a sympathettic, helping hand during a difficult period in your life.

  • They offer funeral plans which are accessible to all, with prices starting from just R55 a week.
  • Funeral plans tailored to your needs.
  • Funeral cover for all South Africans aged 18-79.
  • Burial plans which come with no small print.
  • Funeral cover providers who don’t have nasty surprises in store for you. The guaranteed cash payment protects you from those out of pocket costs.
  • No calling any funeral parlour – application is done speedily and conveniently online. Fill in the short online form, and one of the team will find the right plan for you.
  • Funeral quotes are free.


Rising Fees needn’t be your Lot

When you purchase a prepaid funeral plan like the ones offered through Clear Plan, it is a sense of relief to know that your funeral director fees are frozen, and that you won’t have to contend with rising prices.

With these awesome funeral plans, you decide what you want to pay for. What’s more you can pay a single lump sum, or you can opt to spread out your fee with smaller monthly instalments.

With brilliant funeral plans like this, you always have the plan that is right for you. You simply plan your funeral at a price that isn’t so ridiculous high you can’t possibly consider it.  Everything you need to know about Clear Plan funeral plans is available to you as well as information about why buying such cover should be a priority.

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All info was correct at time of publishing