Celebrating a lifetime in a day

September 22, 2018

Many people go through life without finding any pleasure in the simple fact of being alive. Celebrating their life after death is the closest they will come to happiness.

This lifetime is the only time we have. And there are those who have made sure to live the life they loved and loved the life they lived. Then your family won’t have difficulty with honouring your life in a celebratory fashion.

Metropolitan Life – A Top Scoring Life Insurer

A funeral planned for someone should be a celebrating of their life. That is instead of an end to a life full of regrets. Just like it takes effort to carve out a good life for yourself, so it requires planning to ensure a funeral that will celebrate that life. It is to your benefit to plan ahead for your ideal funeral which you’ll have sometime in the future.

How would you like to be remembered? With this question, Metropolitan knows what’s important for clients. People can begin to plan and arrange their funeral to be a celebration.

Celebrating a Life with Metropolitan Life

It’s good knowing that your funeral plan comes from a top-scoring life insurer. This is according to the SACSI or South African Customer Satisfaction Index. Metropolitan have achieved this for 3 years running. They are part of MMI Group Limited, and also a reliable, trusted, authorised financial services- and credit provider.

No More Worrying about How to Pay for a Funeral

Metropolitan knows that a funeral provides the opportunity to pay tribute to the deceased’s life. Having a funeral plan from Metropolitan means you don’t have to worry about how you’re going to pay for the funeral. Thank goodness Metropolitan offers a helping hand. Their plans are flexible because they know families are all different.

With their Life Event Enablement Service, they help you source funeral suppliers so you can get your loved one the funeral they deserve. This funeral solution of theirs offers personalisation – allowing policyholders flexibility so as to tailor their funeral based on the budget they have. They choose what they want and what they consider is important.

Through the life event enablement service, as mentioned, Metropolitan can assist the client with sourcing suppliers or they can rather have the money paid into a bank account for a beneficiary to make the funeral arrangements.

Celebrating a Lifetime – Money Available on the Same Day

It can be such a relief to have the funds available to organise a funeral, and what’s more,  Metropolitan pays out 87% of death claims within 5 to 7 hours of being informed of the death. Metropolitan customers can also cover immediate family members for up to R80, 000 and other family members for up to R50, 000.

It is amazing to thing that they can even cover more than one partner of any gender. Parents can also cover children till they reach the age of 21. Metropolitan also offers value-added protection benefits that can be added to this new Funeral Solution.

Sorted – Final Life Event Covered

There is always time to do what is important and with Metropolitan offering such good funeral cover, the next step is to contact them and to get this final life event covered.

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All info was correct at time of publishing