Death Certificate Issue Leads to More Anguish

It can be frustrating when you are the person dealing with all the practical responsibilities of a death. And then you find the death certificate is missing. That is a major death certificate issue . The death of a family member can be a challenge, especially when the person’s death affects other family members.

Every death requires a death certificate. In fact the Act for births and deaths requires that someone reports every death to the Department of Home Affairs. Home Affairs will then issue a Death Certificate. This death certificate is important because all transactions done on behalf of the deceased will need to be accompanied by a certified copy of the death certificate.

Look at the case of Lizzy Poppy Malapela, found dead in Dennilton Limpopo last year already and later found lying in a government mortuary. She has several children of school going age and her mother Annie, without her death certificate, can’t even apply for a government grant for the children.

Death Certificate Issue – Mhluzi Funerals – the Stumbling Block?

Annie had previously bought funeral cover from Mhluzi Funerals, but to this day family hasn’t received the death certificate. Because no one registered the death, the department of home affairs also can’t help.

This death certificate issue is according to a certain David Kgomo, who is trying to help the family. The department told him that they had to get this document from Mhluzi Funerals. He learned that the regular procedure is that a doctor issues a death certificate stating cause of death. After that the funeral undertakes to complete a certain section before registering a notice of death.

Kgomo is accusing Mhluzi Funerals for not doing their part and for not providing a coffin to fit Lizzy’s corpse. They were looking for another R1000 for a bigger coffin.

Death Certificate Issue – Waiting Game

Malapela was wanting the death certificate as it was being required at the school the children attended and it was required for social services. The funeral parlour on the other hand said the death couldn’t be registered because the Malapelas weren’t co-operative. They claim to not have  received any documents from them, and had also not paid him the correct sums of money.

Death Certificate IssueAn irritated Skhosana from Mhluzi Funerals added that he would make an effort to actually fetch Malapela at her house and take her to home affairs so that she could get her daughter’s death certificate.

David Hlabane from the department of home affairs said it was of critical importance to get a registered notice of death and that no burial can take place unless notice of the death has been given.

Death Certificate Issue – No Funeral Woes with a Reputable Funeral Parlour

Don’t let the death of a family member turn into a nightmare and dead end streets. A reputable funeral parlour can be helpful and will be able to get the death certificate for you. It is why it is so important to choose a decent, reputable funeral parlour and to have good funeral cover.

The last thing Lizzy Poppy Malapela thought about was the terrible financial difficult she was putting her mother in, so rather be prepared, and get funeral cover now from a reliable source as they will be able to sort out all the details of a death and funeral for you so you can close one chapter of your life and start peacefully and smoothly with a new one.

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All info was correct at time of publishing