Collinge and Company Funeral Services

The Muppets sang  ‘…touching a hand, wondering why, it’s time for saying goodbye’. A funeral service is a way to say your final goodbyes to a loved one who has died. Whether you choose a burial or cremation, Collinge and Company funeral services are helpful for taking on the planning when you don’t feel up to arranging anything yourself.

Funeral services offered by a reputable funeral home like Collinge can be such a relief. They will arrange for a hearse, take care of the documentation that surrounds death, help you with your choice of music, flower and eulogies, if indeed you want these.

There is no set procedure for a funeral. The best funeral homes comply with the beliefs and requirements of their clients. Collinge and Company Funeral Services believe this, saying that because a funeral only happens once, it should be remembered but for only good reasons.

With Collinge Everything You Need is Catered For

Collinge Funeral Undertakers

Collinge and Company were established in 2001 by Mike and Nina Collinge, believe that you need to plan for a good funeral so that it can bring closure, leaving you with peace of mind. They come to the family’s home to get an idea of how they want to proceed with funeral arrangements.

Useful Services from Collinge

●  Prompt removal of the deceased from hospital or home.
●   Preparation of the deceased – clothing etc.
●   All necessary documentation taken care of as well as registration of the death.
●   Consultation with the person who will conduct the service.
●   Arrangements with florists, musicians, transport providers, white doves, balloons etc.
●   Pet funerals and cremations – Collinge & Company know how some pets become part of the family. They offer cremations and pet burials in properly sized coffins in the pet section at Fourways Memorial Park either with or without a service. They will also arrange to have your pet collected at the place of death.

Affordable Eco-Friendly Funerals

Collinge & Company also offers eco-friendly funerals which are attractive in their affordability. They provide a raw pine coffin which has minimal impact on the environment because no paints or varnishes are used. Instead of steel handles, they are made of rope which is far more eco-friendly.

The cost of a funeral will always depend on the services provided. However, the cost of the coffin makes up a large part of funeral costs. It doesn’t matter what you opt for – Collinge & Company can affordably meet your wishes and needs.

Have you got a funeral policy so that you can claim for all the costs involved? Collinge & Company are able to claim the benefits from most funeral policies directly from the Underwriters. They are able to complete the claim forms on behalf of the family.

Services which Go over and Beyond Expectations

Collinge & Company simply cater for anyone requiring a personalised, dignified funeral. So excellent are their services, they now offer study courses for funeral directors to improve the quality of service they offer.

People who have used Collinge say that the funeral services offered by this funeral home go beyond what anyone expects. Their compassion and care warrants everyone using them.

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