How To Get a Death Certificate

When you get a Death Certificate there are a number of questions that are frequently asked, such as who signs the B1-633 form, to whom is it given and what does the undertaker do with the form?

The B1-633 form is usually signed only by a medical practitioner or a registered nurse, the registered nurse is only considered if it is a rural clinic because in most cases doctors are usually not immediately available.

The medical practitioner must complete the cause of death certificate, if there has been an autopsy the pathologist or the medical officer in charge of the autopsy should complete the cause of death form and should indicate if the investigations are still ongoing.

When you Get A Death Certificate РTo whom is it given?

Get a Death Certificate

All the documentation is usually given to the next of kin of the deceased or the undertaker handling the funeral arrangements. If given to the next of kin, he or she should forward it to the undertaker chosen to conduct the funeral. In a case where an undertaker is not available, the family of the deceased should forward the certificate to the local Home Affairs office.

It should be noted that, what the undertaker does with the certificate usually depends on whether the undertaker is authorized to receive notices of death, complete death registrations and issue burial orders. This is also clearly defined in article 4 of the registrations of births and death acts.

Submit the death certificate to the Ministry of Home Affairs

If the undertaker is authorized he or she will complete the appropriate sections of the B1-663 form once they ascertain that the sections are correct, then issue a burial order and proceed to submit the death certificate to the Ministry of Home Affairs for the registration of the death and lastly the issuing of the death certificate which they should forward to the next of kin of the deceased.

A Burial Order must be Issued when You Get a Death Certificate

If the undertaker is not authorized, he or she should only fill part of the B1-663 certificate and the other parts of the form should be filled with the next kin. The undertaker should proceed to forward it to the Ministry of home affairs within their localities. If there is no Home Affairs office nearby the form should be taken to the police station that will then proceed to issue a burial order and complete processing the registration document.

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