Christian Funeral Customs Closely Follow the Teachings of the Bible

Christians believe strongly in the after-life. And they try and live their lives according to the Holy Bible. their Christian funeral customs reflect this philosophy.

The Christian believes that after passing away the deceased will live with Christ in Heaven forever. They believe that the Son of God, Jesus, came to earth as a baby. Then ultimately he died on the cross for their sins.

These ancient words and writings are all in the Christian Bible. The Good Book makes up these amazing scriptures, consisting of the Old and the New Testaments. Christianity has inspired many other religions as well like the Catholics, Mormons, Lutherans and others.

Christian Funeral Customs – A Christian funeral is According to the Bible

Christian Funeral CustomsWhen a self-professed Christian dies, then the Christian funeral service will be according to those beliefs.

There will be comfort and support for the family of dead person. But at a lot of Christian services, there might be some rejoicing as well.

This is because Christians believe that their departed family members have gone to a splendid place. And it is a place where there is no more sadness. They believe that if their loved ones followed Christ, they will meet up with them in Heaven where they will all live eternally serving Jesus Christ.

Christian Funeral Customs – Black is Good but Not essential

It is a common to wear black at a Christian service, but in these modern days, this is not an important requirement. Usually, a Christian funeral service will take place at a church to which the Christian deceased person was a member.

The funeral service could also take place at a specific funeral parlour. At a Christian funeral, flowers form an important part of a funeral and these will be on display at the church or the funeral parlour. Usually, the members of the family take the flowers home with them after the service.

A typical Christian funeral service will include –

  • An opening statement which will be led by a priest or a minister. That might be followed or started with a prayer and words of support for the family as well.
  • Hymns are usually sung, often the favourites of the deceased person and these can occur a few times throughout the service. There will also be scripture readings from the Holy Bible.
  • A remembrance speech might be given by a family member or a special friend; who will commemorate the deceased person’s life
  • Some closing encouraging words given by the priest or the minister. He will usually make a few announcements about the directions to the cemetery and the procedures that will take place there. At the graveside, those who have come along will gather and listen to the pastor say some more words and prayer.

Usually, the family of the deceased will invite friends and family to a funeral reception after the service where the family will gather with friends to commiserate and commemorate the deceased and receive condolences.


There is generally no further mourning period after this. Generally, the Christian funeral service will focus mainly on the deceased. Christians believe that God gives them the ability and strength to cope with their recent sad loss, but they also often rejoice that their loved one has gone to Heaven, absent from the body, but present with the Lord.

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