Planning a Cheap Yet Dignified Funeral

Baby boomers are aging and starting to investigate different funeral options including the cheap dignified funeral option for people of all ages.

For those of them who haven’t given much thought to death and its financial implications they will be horrified to discover that the basic traditional funeral costs in the region of $10,000 in the United States. That’s more than R150 000 in South Africa!

The truth is that most people don’t like to consider a funeral when they are alive and well.

You Can Have  a Cheap Dignified Funeral

Cheap Dignified Funeral

We all know that death comes unexpectedly for old and young alike, and there are very few people who are in the right frame of mind to bother about planning a cheap dignified funeral.

They just want a terrible period in their life to be over. They don’t bother to find out how much a funeral should cost, just paying whatever the funeral director suggests.

Prices can differ, even locally, and for some unknown reason, most funeral homes don’t want to disclose their prices. Consumers are sick and tired of this lack of transparency with service providers.

Because of the sheer inconvenience of this, they will rather look elsewhere for a funeral home and support the one that does provide pricing.

Some research will reveal that the cost for the same kind of funeral services can vary by at least 100% so it pays to compare prices among funeral homes that do fully disclose their prices on their websites. There are cheap funeral homes that promise affordable funerals by cutting out all the ‘unnecessary frills’.

They are quite willing to put the precise pricing of their ‘cheap but dignified’ funeral packages on their websites, stating exactly what you get for the price they give. These are the kind of funeral homes worth supporting.

There are many funeral homes that will eliminate embalming, informing you that essentially embalming is only mandatory for open-casket viewing and for when the body is transported across country borders.

Grieving is No time to Negotiate Prices

Unfortunately, many people have got no idea about what services and products are required when their next-of-kin dies. Worse is that they have no idea of what these items should cost. They end up buying whatever the unscrupulous funeral director greedily recommends.

Ignorance results in vulnerable people being taken in by uncaring undertakers. These undertakers achieve their above-average profits because of grieving consumers who latch onto anyone ‘willing to help’.

Fortunately the Internet makes it possible to do plenty of research from your desktop, where you can compare the different service providers and make an affordable choice.

It is true that most funeral homes offer similar services, but even so their prices still differ. You need to look around at prices and be prepared to negotiate. Look around because you’ll sometimes find that the least expensive caskets offered by one funeral home are still more expensive than the most expensive coffin at another funeral home. Times of great emotional turmoil aren’t the best times to make sound financial decisions.

Avoid a Family Feud – Plan Ahead and get a Cheap dignified funeral

Every reputable funeral director will tell you that you can cut funeral expenses in half by simply planning for this great end-of-life event. You have to do research to find the best funeral plan, because many funeral homes exist whose mission it is to make a fat profit. They do this by trying to sell you as many funeral products and services that they can and which are most totally unnecessary.

Acquaint yourself with the different types of funerals there are. There ARE reputable funeral directors who can take the sting out of death by offering you a cheap dignified funeral plan that promises to not break the bank. Plan now and your family will be grateful you had the foresight to avoid them having a family feud over finances and what kind of funeral you’d prefer.

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