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Perhaps you have never had to plan a funeral before. And maybe now this task has fallen upon you. Surely you will be flabbergasted at what a complicated and costly process it has become. Having to deal with a whole lot of emotional stress doesn’t help either. But if you have cleverly made arrangements for a funeral policy, then a Nedbank funeral plan will certainly help. It will decrease the burdens that face you at the loss of a loved one.

Most people just assume that planning a funeral requires organising the casket, a venue, catering and a hearse. However, you will also have to take care of 101 little fiddly details. These include deciding what the deceased will wear, selecting a bulletin and choosing the funeral home. Then there is sorting out the death certificate, ambulance transfers, cemetery selection, a eulogy, choosing clergy, selecting pallbearers and much more.

Nedbank Funeral Plan – What Suits YOUR Needs?

Nedbank Funeral PlanThe Nedbank Group understands this, and as one of SA’s largest banking groups, they provide banking and insurance services. They offer different plans so that you can simply choose the one that you believe will meet your needs.

Certainly, nobody can complain that the funeral cover is too expensive because Nedbank offers plans which start as low as R23.75 each month, and this gets you R5,000 cover for yourself. By parting with a little bit more money such as R32.50, you’ll get a sum R10,000 cover. Their Nedbank Funeral Plan Gold is the premier funeral plan and offers many additional benefits, just some of which are –

  • immediate accidental death cover
  • the flexibility to adjust your level of cover for an individual, family or parent plan
  • you have the option to cover children older than 21
  • a tax-free lump-sum benefit paid into your or your beneficiary’s bank account
  • a simple application process
  • you get 10% of your premiums back after every five years
  • if you’re sick with less then 12 months to live, you get 50% of the cover amount upfront and the insurer will pay the balance on death


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Nedbank Funeral Plan – Children Included

If you’re concerned because you have children, don’t despair, because for R57,00 each month you can cover yourself, your partner and up to 5 children. The funeral plans are designed to give you and your loved ones a decent and dignified farewell from this life.

Another advantage of the Nedbank funeral plan is that it isn’t reserved for only Nedbank account holders, but to anyone who wants it. But just for being a Nedbank account holder, you benefit with a 5% discount when you take out a funeral plan and pay by debit order.

When choosing a funeral plan, people often want reasons as to why they should choose the Nedbank Funeral Plan and here are some good reasons –

●   you won’t be required to undergo any medical examination
●   they give you access to their ‘Value for Life’ programme. This can be very useful as it offers support services to lighten the load of contending with a death
●   apart from covering yourself, you can add up to 29 family members, from your children to parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles etc and even up to 5 of your domestic workers
●   if you can’t make your payments in full, as long as you pay a minimum of R20 a month, you will get cover, but it will fluctuate according to what you pay
●   Nedbank pay one premium on your behalf – in the 12th month you qualify for a premium bonus of your average premium paid in the previous 11 months


What’s not to like about Nedbank Funeral Plans? With so many valuable benefits why not make sure that you make death just that much easier to handle? If you are interested in the Nedbank Funeral Plan, you can either sign up at a Nedbank branch or you can call them on 0860 555 111.

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All info was correct at time of publishing