Scorpion Takes the Sting out of Hefty Funeral Costs

Dire Straits were on the right track when they sang ‘Why worry, there should be laughter after the pain. There should be sunshine after rain so why worry now’. And that is what Scorpion Legal Protection offers its clients – no worries. With 27 full-service branches as well as a 24-hour call centre, customers of Scorpion offer a range of services. These range from legal representation to everything relating to affordable funeral cover to sorting out the deceased’s legal affairs.

Scorpion – Different Funeral Plans, Different Budgets

When you probe into what Scorpion offers, you will see that they offer affordable funeral cover to everyone. They offer different funeral plans, so you just choose the one which is affordable to you. And they provide a well laid out table which clearly sets out the different plans. And with Scorpion oney can first put the affordable funeral cover to the test for 30 days. Then, if one is not entirely satisfied after this, Scorpion will refund one.

Scorpion Funeral CoverThe Scorpion Funeral Plan provides your family with the financial means to give you a dignified funeral. They know what it means to be short of money when a loved one passes away. With affordable funeral cover from Scorpion, you get this peace of mind that your funeral cost woes are a thing of the past.

What You Get

● money for a decent, dignified, meaningful funeral
● you’ll receive an exclusive Scorpion Funeral Plan card showing you are a Scorpion member, and this tells everyone you have access to affordable funeral cover. This card will be provided along with the Policy document
● for a small extra premium you will get funeral cover for your parents
● 24/7 legal assistance – this is for any legal help and advice relating to the death, the funeral and winding up the estate

More Benefits

● you get the Breadwinner’s Benefit for just a small additional premium – this is very useful as it allows you to provide for your family when you aren’t there anymore. It depends on which benefit you choose, but the beneficiary can, for instance, get cash for 12 months after the death of the primary member to use as they need.
● immediate accidental death cover from the instant you join and for up to R40,000

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If you have any queries as what all your affordable funeral cover entails, their Funeral Support Centre is useful for providing information and assisting with things such as the drafting of the deceased’s reporting documents as well as legal advice about the withdrawal of Pension fund benefits for the dependents of the deceased.

Scorpion – Claims Settled within 48 Hours – with the Correct Documentation

With Scorpion branches, if you are interested in finding out about their affordable funeral cover you can visit an office near you and they will contact the Funeral Support Centre on your behalf. You can also call them on 086 1000 449 and ask to speak to a funeral plan consultant.

When it comes to claiming, Scorpion will process your application within 48 hours from receipt of all necessary documents, allowing you to have the much-needed cash to proceed with planning a worthy send-off for your departed loved one.

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All info was correct at time of publishing