What is a Funeral Plan

With funeral cover, you can get more than one plan. But what is a funeral plan?

These plans are to make it better and easier to choose the plan that will suit you best.

For example, Clientele Life has two different funeral plans on offer. They have the Funeral Dignity Plan, and they have the Ultimate Dignity Plan.  It is important to know the differences between these two dignity plans to be able to choose the best one for you and your family.

Here are the two types of funeral plans from Clientele with some of their benefits.

What is a Funeral Plan  – Clientele Funeral Dignity Plan

With the Clientele Funeral Dignity Plan, you are going to pay about R99 per month. So you are going to get more than R110 000 of cover for just R2 per day for each person that you are covering with this policy.

What is a Funeral PlanYou can cover up to 13 people with this funeral plan, and they are paying out within 48 hours after receiving all the correct documentation.

You or the beneficiary will get R200 airtime when they are claiming on the funeral plan, for making calls and letting people know about the death of your loved one.

This burial policy also included a grocery and unveiling benefit. Not many other funeral policies offer this benefit.

You will have access to enhanced benefits like grief counselling, repatriation and will have assistance with the funeral arrangements.

What is a Funeral Plan – Clientele Ultimate Dignity Plan

The second funeral plan from Clientele that you can choose is the Ultimate Dignity Plan. This policy is the more advance funeral plan that is starting from R120 per month.

Clientele pays out to the beneficiary within 24 hours after receiving all the correct documentation. So you will have the money in time to pay for the funeral and other immediate expenses that there might be.

With this funeral plan, you can get up to R50 000 if you are a just one person that can claim from this policy, and for the family option you and your family can get up to R250 000 family cover. You can get the first three children covered without paying any additional fees.

The Ultimate Dignity plan is also giving an R200 airtime voucher with the claim and also included grocery and unveiling benefits. However, this option also includes some transportation benefits. You can cover up to 13 people with this one funeral plan, and will have access to the 24-hour funeral helpline.


With Clientele, you can choose from two different types of funeral plans; the cheaper more affordable one and the more expensive, with more benefits. It depends on what you and your family might need, or can afford.

When you are thinking about getting a funeral cover, you need to choose from more than one funeral plan. And most of these schemes have different benefits and offer different prices. So choose the funeral cover that suits you and your family best.

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