Nedbank EasyCover Funeral Plan for Those on a Low Budget

You have to be up to date with current funeral costs. Or an unscrupulous funeral undertaker may take you for a ride. That’s because you may well overspend. And then find yourself in a lot of ‘funeral debt.’  However, Nedbank EasyCover takes care of all that.

That is because the average cost of a funeral has risen significantly in the last few years. And all the costs surrounding death are going to increase further.

On average, the price of a basic funeral in South Africa is in the region of R10,000. Funeral costs are rising far faster than what salaries are increasing. So if you’re on a low income, the cost of sudden death is likely to be beyond your means. And then what kind of a funeral will you give your loved one?

Nedbank EasyCoverNedbank EasyCover – Everyone is Covered Low or High Budget

In South Africa, fortunately, there are affordable ways to be there for your family. You can and give them not a huge flashy funeral, but a dignified one.

The Nedbank EasyCover Funeral Plan offers flexibility. That’s because it allows you to take out an amount of cover in multiples of R1 000.

With the Nedbank EasyCover Funeral Plan, you can take a minimum of R2 000 cover. Or you can take an amount – their maximum amount of R20 000. The beauty of this plan is that you can cover yourself as well as your immediate or extended family. Thus you take care of all the people you love, and this even when you’re on a low budget.

Nedbank EasyCover Funeral Plan Benefits

      • people appreciate that you don’t need a bank account – you can pay your premiums in cash at your nearest Boxer store
      • you can cover as many as 15 people
      • you don’t require any medical tests- or HIV tests
      • if you pass away, with the Nedbank EasyCover Family Supporter benefit, you will be able to still provide an income for your family for up to 12 months
      • you get rewards for paying well – for instance, Nedbank will reward you for paying your premiums right away. If you pay ten premiums all at once for instance, they will pay for the other two months of the year, so you enjoy savings all round.


We’re living in desperate times, and Nedbank knows this.With your Nedbank EasyCover Funeral Plan, they’ve made it so that your policy won’t lapse during lean times, as long as you pay at least the minimum amount of Rxxx each month.

They want you to know that even in dire circumstances, you can look after your loved one, and buy a funeral cover which is easy to understand, easy to buy and easy to claim.The reason the Nedbank EasyCover Funeral Plan is ideal for you is that it is flexible and you can choose your level of cover; it allows you to pay what you can when you can afford it, and it allows you to pay for your funeral policy in cash. Another benefit is that with accidental death or disability, there isn’t a waiting period – you benefit from cover the moment your first premium is paid.

Nedbank EasyCover – Don’t Allow Death to get you Down

With so much affordability and flexibility from Nedbank’s EasyCover Funeral Plan, death doesn’t have to mean all round hardships for you.

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All info was correct at time of publishing